Hi growers!

My name is Francisco, I’m from Porto, Portugal, and I will share my short experience here in Sydney with you.

Since I’m here I have been having an amazing time. I have been improving my English in Australia, day by day, meeting new people, forging great friendships, discovering new places, learning about new cultures… Everyday is like a new chapter but only filled with good things!

When I arrived here, I became member of the GrowPro family right away. It is the first and maybe the most important thing that happens when you come to Australia, because it will be where you will make your first friends, where you can get help easier and where you can learn faster because we all  went through the same as you will, in other words, with GrowPro family is where you will feel like at home.

Then comes the school… Fortunately enough, I had luck in my choice, Performance Education! It is an amazing school, with an incredible staff… The thing is, you will feel comfortable and you will see your English improving at least each week. But if you don’t like wake up early, you have to choose another one because the classes start at 8:45 am :p

This was my first couple of weeks… Of course I did more things like clubbing, get tanned and those kind of things that we love in summer (particularly summer in Australia, that lasts 6 months 🙂

It’s true that English in Australia is a bit hard at first, but after these two first weeks you start to understand better the Aussie accent, how they think and act, absorb their culture … When this happens, you stop being lost and instantly want to be part of this «world»! You will try to go to surf camps, reggae festivals, BBQs at the beach, cool clubs and bars such as Ivy, Establishment, Side bar, weekend trips like Blue Mountains or Gold coast… You will want to do everything and you will do it!

Now you ask, and about money? Yeah! The good thing here is that if you really want a job you will get it. It’s easy to get it, but you have to look for it too, of course. Nothing is going to come to you without trying.

And if you come here like me in order to try every area you will enjoy each experience and have memorable adventures as I already did… and all I can think about is that I still have long to go in this country! 😀

I hope see you here soon, guys it will be a pleasure to meet and help you in everything I can 😉

  I will update meanwhile my experiences too…



Francisco Melo ( Xico )