Hi guys!

So the day is here. The GrowPro Australia-ESCP shortlist is out! One of you is coming to Australia!

First of all we’d like to thank you for your applications and your interest in coming to Australia with us, to study and live for 4 months on the other side of the world. After a difficult time picking the best three (for various reasons, each of them different) and having so much fun watching your videos and reading some more about you, the decision is made. Are you ready?

GrowPro Australia-ESCP Shortlist #1: Antonio Conte
Antonio Conte - ESCP Shortlist

Currently studying a master in Management at ESCP Europe, Antonio has showed us his desire to see the world and his great skills through a video where we got to know a bit more about him. London, Paris, Turin, Madrid, Edinburgh, Los Angeles or New York have seen this young professional attend different courses and programs to develop himself even further. Australia is missing from his list though, so let’s hope it’s your next destination. Good luck Antonio 🙂

GrowPro Australia-ESCP Shortlist #2: Silvia Patono


Silvia Patono - ESCP ShortlistSilvia probably knows Europe like the back of her hand, and has had the great chance to visit Australia before, probably the reason why she’s so eager to come back! A lover of online and digital marketing, social media, events and PR in general, she has been perfecting her skills during various programs and internships. Plus, great at languages, at making videos and has a thing for cool sports! Let’s hope this path leads you to Australia! 😉

GrowPro Australia-ESCP Shortlist #3: Valentina Ungaro

Valentina Ungaro - ESCP ShortlistBorn in Milan, to an Italian father and Peruvian mother, she’s an entrepreneurial and creative young woman who has a hunger to learn and progress and can to work to the best of her ability. Apart from the working skills, she told us her dream: traveling the world to learn from different cultures. Never been to Australia, but already dreaming of it through his brother’s stories, as it’s the place where he left his heart. Wish you all the best 😀


Congratulations to you three, and especially thank you to all of you who submitted your applications but didn’t make it. We were truly humbled by how much talent and passion you’ve showed us. No wonder you’re all gonna be next generation’s rulers!

Antonio, Silvia and Valentina, we’ll contact you shortly to ask you for a one last task (very little, we promise) and the final winner will be announced next Monday, June 1st. New month, new life? Maybe for one of you, stay tuned and have a great rest of the week! (: