How to turn a problem into an opportunity life

Dismissal, moment of shock, but at the same time perfect moment to do something that I had in my head for a long time «Now or never Australia», you only live once.

I had almost everything clear, I just needed a push. So i decided to talk with Rodrigo, experience manager of Growpro Experience , he clarified all the few doubts that I still had. Since then, everything went very fast and very easy, in a month I was going to be in Australia.

The difficult moment came later, when i needed to convince my family at home. They did not understand how I was going to go to the other part of the world, to work as a waitress or as a labour, having in Madrid the possibility of finding a qualified job. «Why are you going so far? «, «Have you studied a degree to go and serve glasses in a bar?», Questions that rumbled in my head, while I said to myself  «It’s my life, it´s only one life, and I have to live it as I think it is better».

My arrival in Australia was based on goals

First Goal: Find a house

I booked a hostel  for the first 4 days. Rooms over populated, 200 different schedules, disorder … not easy. There are four important things to take into consideration when searching for a house:

  1. The urgency
  2. Be timely
  3. Always try to be de first, and that means be the first to respond to all ads from Facebook groups and to call all of Gumtree’s offers.What was my result? On Monday I had a shared room in the middle of Bondi Beach.
  4. Contacts, that’s how things work here. Everything moves very fast, houses, jobs, buying and selling things … so it is very important to have someone close. Growpro is based on that, making community to help each other.

Second objective: Motorbike

Having the motorbike was going to allow me to work at Deliveroo, they are always looking for new riders.

Third Objective: Work

After having a house and a motorbike, it was time to go to work! Not without riding first the motorbike through Sydney streets, Darling Harbor and the Opera House, to learn how to drive from the left hand side. I recognize that I did some streets in the opposite direction, but if it did not start at some point I would not be able to work.

Growpro provided me a code to use when enrolling in Deliveroo, so that I could start working as quick as possible. The process was very simple, I was immediately scheduled for an On-boarding Session.

How does Deliveroo Works

Deliveroo makes it really easy going, you can work when ever you want and stop depending on the hours you get. You live the way you want to live. You earn what you want to earn. It’s very easy, if you want to earn more, you work more hours and if you want to earn less you work less hours. It’s independence.

Even more , riding a motorbike makes it easier to get to know the whole Sydney, you see places that you would not be able to reach if it wasn´t for an order. Having the opportunity to organize your time is a great advantage, go on vacation and know that when you return back you will still have a job, gives a tranquility that can not be paid.

Do not wait for things to happen, but make them happen.

Of course I recommend Deliveroo to everyone who comes new and knows how to ride a motorbike. In Australia everything goes too quickly, you have to get on the first train and see what happens!

My advice is not to despair if you see that things do not work out for you. Get up, and look for work knowing that you will find it, and never lose confidence.

For those in Spain, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and other countries …… if you have the opportunity do not let it escape. In a few years you will not want to regret it, pull your hair and tell yourself  «I had a chance and I did not catch the train …»

How to sign up with Deliveroo 

  1. Step 1. Go to and choose your city and vehicle you want to ride on
  2. Step 2. Enter your details and the code «GO51446» to fast-track your application

Remember you´ll need an ABN before you sigh up- get this at or contact us if you need help.