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Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Studying abroad sounds pretty exciting, but choosing where is a bit confusing. Well, have you considered moving to the Land Down Under? If not, maybe we can share some Australian customs and traditions that’ll help you decide.

Australia is one of the best countries to study and live abroad. They are known for exotic wildlife, scenic landscapes, and more. Also, the vast beaches add so much excitement to the Australian lifestyle.

Australian customs and traditions vary from one place to another. However, the most notable one is the friendliness of its people. And this is why they ranked as the 5th best country to live abroad.

In addition, Australia has a low crime rate which brought betterment in the society. As a result, they became one of the safest countries in the world. So, if you want to know more about Australian traditions and customs, keep on reading!

Australian Lifestyle | Know What Makes Them Unique


It’s a fact that there are a lot of countries around the world that offer quality education. But you have to consider the kind of place you will live in for the next months or years. Also, one factor that matters is the people within the community.

Well, let us tell you that Aussies are friendly, and they love to welcome international students like you. Their hospitality makes them one of the top destinations to study abroad. Moreover, the Australian lifestyle invites more adventurous people to live in their country.

You might be wondering what’s with Aussies that made them admirable to travelers. It’s simple; they love to travel as well! Yes, they’re into outdoor life, and they live with the saying Hakuna Matata.


Australian Language | How to Communicate with Aussies

English is the commonly used language in Australian society and its most significant unifying element. They use English on road signs, menus, public information, and more. So, once you get there, you wouldn’t fear roaming around the country.

There are also different Australian customs and traditions regarding their communication. They tend to speak honestly yet with reasonable sensitivity. You might get intimidated by their frankness, but all they want is to make things clear.

If there’s one thing that would cause you confusion and misunderstanding, it’s the Australian slang. You have to deal with these if you want to live in Australia. However, these words and phrases will eventually become common in your vocabulary.

Here are some of the Australian slang and its meaning that’ll help you:

  • Grommet (a young surfer)
  • Mate’s rate (a friend’s discount)
  • Thongs (sandals)
  • Bonzer (great)
  • Arvo (afternoon)

Australia has no official language, but the majority of the people speak English. It is linguistically and culturally diverse, with influences from more than 160 languages. In the 2011 census, about 78.6% of Australians speak English at home.

Australian Customs and Traditions on Holidays | Save the Date


One of the many highlights of a country is its different holidays and festivals. People would want to experience these celebrations not only for fun. They also want to learn more about the culture and know more about its people.

Just like any other country, Australia also has many holidays and festivities. Aussies observe different Australian customs and traditions during these events. Aussies love holidays, as they would have time to be with their friends and families.

So, do you want to study in Australia and experience Australian life during the holidays? Well, here are some of their favorites and the things they do:

  • Aussies go big during Easter, and they extend their celebration until Monday. Hence, they have Easter Sunday and Monday with community events.
  • Boxing Day is another holiday in Australia, but you won’t see beatings on this day. Instead of trading punches, people exchange gifts.
  • Christmas arrives during summer in Australia, and people decorate their homes with Christmas trees and lights. But the highlight is the Carols by Candlelight.
  • Balls are the norm during New Year’s Day, with themes like a masquerade. But the most exciting part of this day is the countdown.
  • Australia Day is the anniversary of the arrival of Captain Arthur Phillip in New South Wales. People get together with family and friends, have barbecues, and set off fireworks.


The biggest event held in Australia on Australia Day is the City of Perth Skyworks. Approximately 500,000 people watched the fireworks show, launched over Perth’s Swan River from moving boats, bridges, and skyscrapers. It’s one of the most spectacular fireworks displays in the country each year.

Living in Australia | Enjoy the Australian Life Down Under

Nature blessed Australia with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. With their vast beaches and mountain ranges, you can enjoy different outdoor activities. You can go surfing, kayaking, hiking, and more as part of the Australian lifestyle.

These natural wonders don’t just bring beauty to the environment but the life of the people as well. As a result, the scopes of Australian customs and traditions extend to outdoor adventures. The experiences you gain in this journey will, for sure, make a difference in your life.

Aside from the scenic landscapes that travelers would want to see during their trip are cultural foods. Well, who doesn’t want to try tasty viands from a beautiful country? Whether you’re into exotic or healthy food, Australia can offer you the best cuisines.

Here are some of the famous traditional foods in Australia:

  • Chicken Parmigiana (a chicken schnitzel topped with tomato sauce, and melted cheese)
  • Barbecued Snags aka Sausages (wrap a slice of bread around your snag and add some fried onions and sauce)
  • Lamingtons (a sponge dipped in chocolate and coated with desiccated coconut)
  • Pavlova (crispy meringue crust, light fruit filling, and whipped cream)
  • Meat Pies (a pie filled with mincemeat and gravy and topped with tomato sauce)

Another exciting part when living abroad is the drinking, where you get to socialize. Aussies love to drink beer and wine. So, if you feel like going out and meeting new friends, perhaps a bottle of drink is a good start.


Australia is one of the top producers and exporters of meat in the world. It is the second largest exporter of beef and other meats like lamb, mutton, and pork. Australian steaks and meat cuts are prized for the select quality and caliber of the meat.

Australian Customs and Traditions in Autumn | Experience the Changing Colors

Autumn in most parts of Australia is from March to May, and it brings cooler days with occasional rain. The Tropical North’s wet season extends through April, and many tourist attractions may be closed for the season. However, there are many exciting festivals and events as part of the Australian customs and traditions.

The changing colors in the environment during autumn prove that some changes could be beautiful. It may not be perfect, but it does complement the existing wonders in nature. In addition, the weather could be so romantic that you’ll fall in love with the Australian lifestyle.

Here are some of the Australian customs and traditions that you can do during autumn:

  • Get your foodie fix in Melbourne
  • See Canberra change color
  • Watch turtles hatch in the Southern Great Barrier Reef
  • Join the festivities in Adelaide
  • Take a road trip through Tasmania

Australian Customs and Traditions in Winter | Explore the Snowy Mountains

Winter in most parts of Australia is from June to August. Traveling to Australia during the winter offers a diverse range of activities and attractions. With temperatures rarely dropping into minus numbers, for sure, you’ll have a good time!

If you want to experience adventure on top of the snowy mountains, winter is the best time for that. It might be cold, but it also brings sunny weather, balancing the cool breeze. So, explore and enjoy the Australian lifestyle in winter.

Explore things while you can and experience the best journey of a lifetime. Here are some of the Australian customs and traditions that you can do during winter:

  • Hit the slopes in New South Wales & Victoria
  • Go hiking in Tasmania
  • Visit Ayers Rock in Uluru, NT
  • Soak up some rays in the Whitsundays
  • Explore the bustling city of Sydney, NSW

Australian Customs and Traditions in Spring | Time to Glow with Nature


Spring in most parts of Australia is from September to November. It’s the perfect time to visit the many local wineries and indulge in lunch at a scenic vineyard. You deserve a break and a sip of good wine with friends.

Australian customs and traditions in springtime give a different kind of relaxation. As the flowers bloom during this season, the glow in the environment tends to affect people’s moods. It’s like you’re growing with nature, and everything around you would seem brand new.

I know you’re excited to see yourself bloom with grace as you gain fun experiences in Australia. So, here are the Australian customs and traditions you can do in spring:

  • Visit Bowral Tulip Time Festival
  • Check out Sydney’s hidden beaches
  • See a show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival
  • Head to the City Botanic Gardens, Brisbane
  • Experience the Staircase to the Moon

Australian Customs and Traditions in Summer | Enjoy the Fun and the Sun

Summer in Australia falls between December and February and is famous for sunny days with high temperatures. Get fascinated by the glorious blue skies, the hot beach days, and the tropical rain. This season explains why the Australian lifestyle has an affinity with water.

Well, who doesn’t want to dive in the clear blue waters and swim with dolphins and sea lions? If there’s a perfect description for the word relax, then this is it! You’ll, for sure, fall in love with Australia as the sun kisses your skin with so much fun.

I know you can’t get hold of your excitement, and you want to make a plan already. To help you with this, here are some of the Australian customs and traditions you can experience in summer:

  • Take a Great Barrier Reef trip, Cairns
  • Swim with whale sharks, Ningaloo
  • Learn to sail in the world’s best harbor, Darling Harbour
  • Shower in a 104-meter-high waterfall, Nightcap National Park
  • Kayak from the ocean to a mountain, Gold Coast


The highest temperature ever recorded in Australia was at Cloncurry in Queensland on the 16th of January 1889. The temperature reached 53.1 degrees Celsius which is more than half the boiling point already. However, it’s no longer considered official because the equipment used couldn’t pass by today’s standards.

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