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Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Another promising opportunity you can take abroad is to study marketing in Australia. The country offers exciting experiences that are worth trying. And one of the many good things in Australia is its quality education.

International students chose to move to the Land Down Under because of its incredible nature. On top of this, it has several best cities to study in Australia. And though it’s sad to be alone in a new place, the experience you gain is rewarding.

In this article, we’ll share some reasons for you to consider studying marketing in Australia. Also, we’ll give a list of the top universities that offer the best marketing courses. So, if you’re interested in learning more, keep on reading!

Study Marketing in Australia | Why you Should Consider it?


Let’s try to talk about the definition of marketing first. Marketing is a means of communication about a specific brand. It’s a promotion of products or services to consumers by selling their value. The goal of marketing is to boost sales and brand awareness.

However, before you make the big decision to study marketing in Australia, try to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is marketing ideal for you?
  • Is it a career you’ll enjoy?

Just like any other career, marketing works for a few people only. It’s not that you can’t do it, but this job would require qualities that are not part of the course. Hence, these characteristics are with you by nature.

In addition, a marketing job would require so much of your time and ingenuity. Also, you would be working with different people to accomplish a project. Hence, your work doesn’t revolve solely in making a campaign.

So, ask yourself if you’re willing to work long hours in a day with meetings in between. Can you see yourself years from now happy with your career? If yes, then a marketing degree is what you need.


Top Universities to Study Marketing in Australia | What’s the Ideal University for You?


Now that you’ve decided to study marketing in Australia, it’s time to find the ideal university for you. It’s a fact that Australia is home to outstanding universities. Thus, looking for one that’s perfect for you won’t be a problem.

So, here are our top 10 universities to study marketing in Australia.

University of Melbourne

Indeed, studying in Melbourne is one of the best choices for an international student. It ranks 41st in the world according to the QS World University Ranking 2021. However, it’s the 3rd best university to study in Australia.

A marketing course gives you background knowledge about the fundamentals of advertising. Also, it deals with product and brand management, strategic marketing, and market research. You will also learn about global marketing, electronic marketing, and buyer behavior.

University of New South Wales

Another top university to study marketing in Australia is the University of New South Wales. They offer a marketing major under Bachelor in Commerce, which lasts for three years. In the first year, you will learn about the basics of commerce.

Moreover, you’ll go deeper in the second and third years at the university. You’ll now focus more on specialized core subjects, which will be the prime years of your studies. However, the exciting part is the internship, where you can enhance your professional skills.

Monash University

There’s so much for you to learn and grow at Monash University. From understanding buying behavior to creating campaigns, you’ll experience them firsthand. Thus, you’ll acquire technical, practical, and analytical skills.

Studying marketing at Monash University will teach you the foundation of business. Consequently, you’ll focus on specialist discipline knowledge of marketing. On top of this, you’ll experience multi-disciplinary and decision-making processes.

University of Technology Sydney

Next on our list is the University of Technology Sydney. They offer a marketing major under the Bachelor of Business. Hence, it’s a perfect mix of business and marketing knowledge.

Their program helps students learn to use marketing concepts and tactics. It’ll teach you the skills needed to increase the company’s performance. As a result, you’ll achieve organizational growth, which is a good start for your career as a marketing professional.

University of Wollongong

Marketing major at the University of Wollongong is under the Bachelor of Commerce. Its program starts with a foundation year to cover the basics of business. Moreover, the students have the opportunity to understand the issues that the industry faces today.

The focus on specialized subjects starts from the second year onwards. These areas will help you develop skills and knowledge about marketing. Thereby, you’ll learn to plan, develop and execute integrated strategies.

Queensland University of Technology

The Queensland University of Technology offers a Bachelor of Business in Marketing program. Here you will learn from industry professionals in different fields of marketing. Thus, it’s an opportunity for you to develop your potential to become a successful marketer.

Furthermore, students have a chance for work placement in various industries. It’ll be an excellent opportunity to experience the real world of marketing. Graduates of a marketing course are eligible for membership in some marketing associations.

Griffith University

Another prominent university in Australia is Griffith University. Their Bachelor of Business in Marketing new skills and values. Also, you’ll have opportunities relevant to modern business and the economy.

On top of this, Griffith University has 150 industry partners. And you can benefit from this partnership through an internship and workshop. Hence, you’ll have an advantage as this valuable experience will help you in your future career.

University of South Australia

One of the best universities to get a marketing degree is the University of South Australia. It’s a global leader in Brand Management research and accredited by the world’s leading accreditation bodies. Hence, graduates of this institution have a high potential to work abroad.

You’ll have the chance to explore the world of consumer psychology. Also, you’ll learn the scientific laws of brand growth from professionals such as advisors of P&G and Nestle. Indeed, you’ll experience involvement in marketing through internship and student exchange.

Western Sydney University

Now we’re down to our second to the last university, the Western Sydney University. It’s one of the best institutions to study marketing in Australia for various reasons. And one is the chance to gain industry-specific accreditations from Australia’s leading institutions.

The program in Bachelor of Business in Marketing is quite different from others. At Western Sydney University, you can start your marketing major even in your first year. It’s just an option as the decision is still yours, depending on your preparedness.

Kaplan Business School

Our last but not the least institution is the Kaplan Business School. Its marketing course equips students with fundamental knowledge in marketing. Also, it helps students acquire workplace skills such as:

  • research
  • problem-solving
  • innovation
  • optimization
  • strategy

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Study Marketing in Australia with GrowPro Experience | We Got You


Some international students choose to study marketing in Australia because they love the country. Others are also doing it because they think it has a better education system. On top of this, the opportunities one can experience are truly transformative and worth it!

If you decide to pursue your education in Australia and take a marketing course, we can help you. Here at GrowPro, we want to guide people who aspire to live in their dream destination. Hence, we offer quality service that you won’t regret and forget.

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