Apps For Traveling | Everything Adventurous Souls Need For Their Trips

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Seeing new places, new people, and soaking up in new cultures is priceless and makes traveling one of life’s greatest pleasures. Advances in technology have made visiting new destinations even more enjoyable while avoiding many mishaps. More and better travel apps are being developed that offer users tools to live unique experiences.

Apps for Traveling | Everything Adventurous Souls Need for Their Trips

To prepare this article, we have asked the GrowPro Team what their essential apps for traveling are. Those that can save you time, discover new places, or allow you to live more real experiences. Whether you are going to live in Australia for a season or if you are making a route through the essential places in Canada, this list of apps for traveling will be useful.

If you know of other equally essential applications, leave us a comment so we can include them in future updates. Let’s get started!

Google Maps | One of the essential apps for traveling

Google has some of the best traveling apps

There’s no doubt that  Maps is one of the essential apps for traveling. This application has several tools such as voice recognition, search, and traffic alerts. Besides, the user can share their location through WhatsApp. Furthermore, you can use maps without an internet connection and calculate the route to a destination with different transport means.

Maps allow you to search for establishments and also show the best places nearby. So, finding the ideal place to hang out is quite simple. It will save you a lot of time. And you will also be able to find the best recommendations for restaurants, bars, and others.

The problem with Maps is that you need the internet to use it to 100% of its capacities. So it is advisable to have it connected. We know that this is not always possible (roaming is still very expensive). That is why we recommend that when traveling to another country, try to get a temporary SIM card. Or, you can get pocket wifi, which is like a small router with portable internet.


The best traveling apps stay with you offline

If there is no way to get internet to the destination you are going to: you can use MAPS.ME. This app does not need an internet connection. Although this means that it’s more limited, this is a great traveling app.

This application is free, very light, and quite easy to use. It uses maps from all over the world. The maps are updated periodically. And the app allows you to find addresses, streets, establishments, or popular tourist places within the city. Also, it is ideal for use in places where the Internet connection is practically non-existent.

Another advantage of this application is its 3D on-screen guidance system and voice guidance in several languages. So it is easily adapted to whoever is using it.

Splitwise | One of the best apps for traveling in groups

Splitwise helps you divide expenses

We know that travel is full of expenses, and sometimes organizing the budget can become a bit complicated, especially if you travel in a group. That is why Splitwise has become one of the ideal apps for traveling and being able to organize expenses efficiently.

Through this app, the user can create payment lists where the cost of activities or purchases can be detailed. You can create groups where you can view the different payment lists and their descriptions. Finally, it’s possible to divide the total expenses so that each member knows what they have to pay.

Suffer no longer from headaches dividing the travel budget between your companions. Create your list of expenses, and Splitwise will take care of the rest.


Wikiloc is a great app for outdoors activities

Wikiloc is one of the apps for traveling that lovers of walks and outdoor activities find fascinating. This application allows you to create, store and share routes for hiking, biking and many other activities in different places around the world.

The routes are shown on Google Maps and other location apps designed for mobiles. And each route shows travel time, height, and other information that is good to know before taking over the roads.

Imagine that you arrive at the Tongariro National Park in New Zealand and you want to take a walking route. With Wikiloc you will find various alternatives with their respective metrics that will allow you to see which route best adapts to what you are looking for.

Google Translate

Foreign languages translation or learning languages online. Mobile phone or smartphone with dictionary app on the screen.

Many people who travel abroad are afraid of not being able to communicate when they arrive at their destination due to not knowing the language. For that reason, Google created this useful tool. Google Translate is one of the essential travel apps for all mobile devices. When you want to know the meaning of a word or an expression, this application is of great help.

This free tool allows you to translate from into and from more than 100 languages. So whatever your destination, you can communicate with ease. Besides, it has voice recognition and plays the text that has just been translated. So if you are in a restaurant or going in a taxi, you just have to press a button and the other person can hear what you want to say.

Or, how about a language course? You might want to learn French in a new destination. Whatever your choice, we’ve got you covered!


Skyscanner is an essential traveling app

Skyscanner is one of the most powerful flight comparators on the market, and thus, one of the best travel apps. Choose your airport of origin and destination, and it will compare hundreds of airlines to find the best price alternatives. You can check it in the comparator they have on their website.

It also has features such as being able to find the best prices for the entire month. That is especially useful if your dates are flexible as you will be able to find which combination of dates is the most economical.


airbnb is a great travelling app

Airbnb doesn’t need much introduction. This popular app for traveling allows you to find private accommodations in your destination. Indeed, the price difference concerning other accommodation alternatives such as hostels or even hotels has been reduced. But there are still times when it may be more comfortable to reserve an entire house instead of different hotel rooms.

Also, recently Airbnb has added two more sections to its platform: Experiences and Restaurants. The first option allows you to find local guides that offer you all kinds of authentic experiences (cooking courses, surf lessons, city tours). And the second option allows you to make restaurant reservations in a few clicks.

Booking allows you to find best prices in hotels

Finding good accommodations can be hard. However, applications such as Booking can make your search easier. This app allows users to find offers for hotels, hostels, and apartments anywhere on the planet.

In addition to consulting prices, you canmake reservations 24 hours a day and on any day of the year through the application. Also, Booking is available in more than 40 languages. No matter what language you speak, you can surely find a good deal.

An excellent alternative to Airbnb depending on what type of accommodation you want to find.

Are you interested in the Hospitality industry? Why not travel while you study for it? If this is your dream, check this out!

Flush | Make sure it is among your apps for traveling

flush is an indispensable travelling app

Needing a toilet and not finding one is one of the worst experiences when you’re traveling, but with Flush, that’s no longer a problem. It’s one of the most useful travel apps since it allows the user to find a bathroom wherever they are. You will also be able to see the characteristics of the bathroom: if it’s paid, suitable for people with reduced mobility, or even what is the cleanliness of the bathroom.

This free app, which can be used without an internet connection, has a database of more than 190,000 bathrooms around the world, so the user only has to consult the map and run to the toilet closest to their location.


Uber is a great movilization option

This app has undoubtedly revolutionized the world. And Uber is everywhere! It’s is one of the essential mobile apps for travelers who want to move from one place to another quickly, comfortably, and safely.

To use this private transport service, a few simple clicks are enough. From your mobile, you will be able to locate an Uber driver who will take you to your destination without major setbacks. Best of all it’s available in many cities of the world.


boy and girl exploring togehter

When it comes to traveling, this application is essential. There is no doubt that >Trip Advisorhas become a useful app for travelers because it offers users an interconnected travel community.

The user can see the opinions and photos that other travelers publish of the different tourist attractions worldwide. And, thus, create a travel itinerary. Besides, you can find accommodation, restaurants, deals on flights, compare prices, and many other options.


A photobook is a great memory of your travels

The best thing about traveling is creating memories and documenting every moment. In order not to let any memory get lost in oblivion, Journi has become the travel app. The idea is to create a log of a trip and be able to recall every last detail.

Considered a travel diary, Journi allows users to upload all the photos of their trip to the application and create a timeline. Thus you’ll have a travel log with everything from the flight to the weather on the fifth day of the trip.

Home Exchange

home exchange

Home Exchange is a hosting exchange platform. With this travel app, you can exchange your apartment or house in Barcelona, ​​for example, for housing in the destination you want to visit. It works through a system of requests. So if you want to stay in a certain house, you will have to propose the exchange to its owners and, if they accept, you will be able to live this experience.

The thing about Home Exchange is that they do not necessarily have to be simultaneous exchanges. That is, you don’t need to coincide on the same dates to travel. With this platform, you can make a non-simultaneous exchange.

For example, if you stay in a family’s summer house, they will receive points. Then they can exchange those points with another accommodation when it suits them. This greatly expands the exchange option since you are not limited to agreeing on destination and date with other users.

There is no cost for the exchanges. But you do have to pay a fixed annual fee as a Home Exchange member. If you have not been able to make an exchange within a year, they will refund your money.

Google Trips

google trips gathers your itineraries

Yet another Google App that appears on this list of the best apps for traveling. Google Trips is a trip planner where you can concentrate all the information, reservations, and itineraries for your destination.

Because it’s connected to other Google applications, it groups your hotel, flight, and other reservations automatically. It also offers recommendations based on your preferences, places that are near you, and your itineraries. You will find plans for each day, with schedules of attractions you’d like to visit. In short, it will be like a guide who will accompany you on your adventure.

Best of all, many of its features can be used without an internet connection.

PicsArt Photo Studio | No apps for traveling list is complete without it

photostudio makes your pics cool

If you love taking photos of all the places you visit and make them special with a little retouching, you cannot miss what is possibly the most popular photography App: PicsArt Photo Studio.

This App allows you to make photo edits and collages. You can apply many filters, so your photos generate a WOW effect on your social networks. In its free version, this application has many tools. But in its paid version, the options skyrocket with many more possibilities. Have you tried it yet?

Travel the World with GrowPro

We hope this article with some essential traveler apps has been helpful. Keep in mind that applications are not the only tools that can make your trips wonderful. There are currently many blogs where you can find first-hand experiences, tips, and information when traveling.

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