This is the beginning
of the journey towards
 your new experience

Which adventure do you choose to live?

We are with you on your trip from beginning to end


Choose your ideal experience

Do you have a destination in mind for your next adventure? At GrowPro we got a few destinations to pick from: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Malta and Ireland. Decide on one and explore your course options, both language and vocational. It’s your call!


Your student advisor will provide you with personalised advice

Your student advisor will be your first travel buddy! They will give you personalised advised based on your needs and dreams. Don’t worry dude, you got an expert on your side!


Reservation made, start the paperwork!

For the next steps you will receive support by your own Booking Agent. They will be your right hand in taking care of all the paperwork you need and arranging your visa.


All set? Your adventure continues at your destination

You have arrived to your new city!  We’ve got offices and Experience Leaders at each destination, so you will never be alone. Our Experience Leader, along with our onshore team, will be by your side throughout your entire experience. Get excited!


Why GrowPro?

GrowPro Experiences

+15,000 growers have already traveled with us

Our goal is for everyone to have a life-changing experience. You are on the right track! We are experts in what we do.


20 destination cities

We only have experiences in cities where we can be present in person. Community comes first! We now have 20 destinations, but the list is growing.

Study abroad

By your side at any destination. Pure experience!

We have team and offices in all our cities and we are with you from the moment you land. Also, we organize great events where you can meet us.

Experience Pack

The GrowPro Community

From the moment you travel with GrowPro, you are already part of a global community, connected through events and the GrowPro App. We share the same brave and fun spirit.

Study in another country

FREE Service

Yes, you read that right! The advice you receive from GrowPro is free. Our earning system works through partnerships with schools and insurances.


The GrowPro App

We are pioneers in the industry and have our own app. With the GrowPro App, we take destination support to another level, connecting with events and the community in each destination city!