Ambassador Program

Become an Ambassador and be part of the world's coolest community of travellers, while generating extra income.

We are looking for passionate and enterprising people


Adventurous souls

Travel, education and adventure lovers.


Generate profits while helping

Participate in this program and start earning while helping others to fulfil their dream of studying abroad. 


Is that you?

At GrowPro we are passionate about what we do and we are looking for people to match with to take our experiences to a new level.


Who can be Ambassadors?

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If you have lived a GrowPro experience, you know that it is something wonderful. So wonderful, that we have to share it with the world so that others can live this experience too.

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Influencers, bloggers, writers

Do you have a community that loves your travel content? Perfect! Here we will give you tools, which will surely be very useful for you to keep growing.

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Companies in the industry

Your company offers complementary services to GrowPro and shares our values? Let's join forces!

How does this work?


Download the GrowPro App

Our IT team has designed an amazing application, full of valuable information and very easy to use. Go ahead and download it because this will be your main tool and your best ally in the Ambassadors program.


Create your account

Already downloaded the App? Perfect! It's time for action! Sign up with your first name, last name and email and start using your account. In the app you will find important information about each destination, events, tips and more. To register go to the three dots at the top of the home screen and look for the "Ambassadors Program" option, then click on "create referral", fill in the data and that's it! Someone from our team will contact you.


Start spreading the word

Tweet, post, share and shout it out loud if necessary! You will be rewarded for the people who end up living one of our experiences whether today, tomorrow, or in 5 years–if referred by you.


Analyse your data

You will have access to metrics in your Ambassador dashboard. In a short period of time, your numbers will start to increase. Evaluate your strategy, measure results, and keep improving!

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The best tools

Here are some tools that allow you to measure and multiply referrals like it's magic.

GrowPro APP

This will be your main tool, as you will be able to register all your referrals. Your reward is just a couple of clicks away!

Don’t forget that in order to register your referrals you must create an account on the GrowPro App. This tool is also very useful for future growers, as there they will find all the information about events, and workshops and will be able to keep in touch with the coolest travellers community on the planet.

GrowPro APP

Link and widget generator

When you become Ambassadors you will receive a Starter Pack with content that you can share in your networks and top strategies to get referrals. In case you need any more content, our Marketing team will take care of it!

Link and widget generator

Multimedia content

We got an entire gallery of videos, photos, testimonials, stories and infographics that could help you with your Ambassadors program.

In addition, if you need any type of content, our Marketing team will be at your side!

Multimedia content

Ambassadors control panel

With this tool you will be able to see in real-time the performance of your actions, the visitors you have brought to GrowPro and how much revenue you have generated.

The control panel is the perfect tool to know which strategies are working best for you when it comes to getting income through the program.

Ambassadors control panel
Ready for a new life in Australia? Find all the information you need to start your next adventure in Australia.


Study and WORK in Australia

Ready for a new life in Australia? Find all the information you need to start your next adventure in Australia.


Successful Ambassadors

Travel websites, bloggers, and more have been encouraged to be part of this program, meet some of them here!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our program? We are here to answer them.

Is there any cost to be part of the program?

Of course not! Being part of our program is free.

Do I have to have travelled with GrowPro to participate?

We would love for you to have had some of our experiences and be part of our grower community, but it is not a requirement to participate in the program.

What does the program consist of?

Through our Ambassadors program, you can increase your income by connecting people with us so they can fulfil their dreams of travelling, studying, and living abroad. For every person who signs up for our experiences through your links or widgets, you will earn money.

How much can I earn?

For every one of your contacts who signs up with us, you will earn $100 AUD and for every 10 people who sign up, you will earn a $1000AUD bonus. Don't wait any longer to sign up!

How can I register?

Signing up will take you no more than a minute. Click here, fill in your personal information and start using your control panel to review your metrics and revenue.

Where can I find multimedia content to share?

By joining our Ambassadors program you will have access to our control panel. There you will find multimedia content that you can use to share our experiences with your contacts, sign up now!

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