Experience Pack

We take your adventure to another level. The meaning of GrowPro experience is much more than moving to another country. Discover our way of living.

Experience Pack

Experience Pack

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299 EUR

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6 things you will love about GrowPro's Experience Pack

Events every week

Advisors and experienced travellers

The GrowPro Community at each destination


Former Growers who have booked the Experience Pack. Find out why!

You will be accompanied during the whole process

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Amazing Events

Kick-Off Meeting

This is an online session that takes place before your trip. In it, you will be able to solve your doubts and receive recommendations and advice. You will also be able to meet our team at your destination and other growers like you, who are also about to travel.

Welcome Session

As soon as you arrive at your destination we will welcome you to our offices. We will tell you everything you need to know about your city, help you with the paperwork and share with you the best tips. And of course, don’t miss a big welcome hug!

Experience Pack

    A group of experts at your destination

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    GrowPro HUB

    We know the coolest places at our destinations and we turn them into our hub. This will be our meeting point in your new city.

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    GrowPro Spaces

    At our destinations, we work in coworking spaces. You will get to know the one in your city at the Welcome Session where you will meet with your Sales City Manager and Experience Leader.

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    Your new city will always have a superhero, your Experience Leader. You will be able to turn to them for any questions or problems you may have at your destination. They will be your trusted mate!

    Community in each city


    From learning to surf or ski to partying with friends, scuba diving, touring the hidden spaces of your new city or a tasty local meal, it’s all available at GrowPro events.


    If you are planning to look for a job in your destination, you can join our free workshops where you will learn the best way to find a job, how to make a local CV, practice doing interviews and even get training and certification.

    GrowPro Community

    If you haven’t read much about us yet, basically: We want to be the coolest community of travellers in the world. That’s why we try to make sure that all growers who come from different parts of the world find the same feeling of community in our destinations.


      Reasons to book the experience pack

      Accompaniment before, during your trip and at destination
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      Accompaniment before, during your trip and at destination

      A helping hand is always just a click away.

      Permanent end-to-end personalized support
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      Permanent end-to-end personalized support

      A helping hand is always just a click away.

      Help in finding work and housing
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      Help in finding work and housing

      A helping hand is always just a click away.

      We help you find a job

      We help you  <span class='fw-bold'>find a job</span>

      Destination experience

      We understand that the process of moving to a new city can be tough. This is where we do our part to make your arrival at your destination as easy as possible.

      Follow-Up Call

      We'll call you to make sure everything goes smoothly in your new home. You are part of our community, so you are one of us.

      GrowPro Clubs

      We have clubs for all tastes: Are you a runner or more into hiking? Do you want to do a language exchange or discuss books and movies? In our clubs, you will find people who like the same things as you, or you will learn by trying something different.

      Call Before Leaving

      Leaving home can be stressful. Don't worry! We will contact you to solve all your doubts.


      Here's what our Growers have to say

      «I recommend them! The team that advised me was always very attentive, Jonathan, Josefina and Male are the best. They have always answered my messages whenever I had any questions. I arrived in Cork on a Sunday morning and Mishel was waiting for me, that made me feel safer. Also, they do events so you can learn about the culture of the country.»
      «They are always there at any time to answer your questions and make your stay the best. I thank the GrowPro Vancouver team, which consists of Ainhoa and Francisca. They have helped me with any doubts I got. Also, you are able to enjoy different activities every week.»
      «I highly recommend GrowPro! They helped me a lot, from the beginning making the budgets, answering my thousand questions and always responding in a timely manner. Once I arrived in Malta I felt very well accompanied. They went to pick me up and asked me all the time how I was doing, if I was ok, if I needed anything. Thank you! Thank you for helping me to full-fill this dream and live it in the best possible way.»
      «I have renewed my Australian Student Visa twice with GrowPro and they are always super helpful. You don't have to worry about anything because they handle everything for you and even give you a good price. Plus, they are always organising fun events to connect people. They got the best events!»
      «Endless thanks to these wonderful people who make up GrowPro, thank you for allowing us to dream big and accomplish each of our goals. Without a doubt one of the best agencies in Australia and around the world.»
      «I have always been a very fearful person and traveling abroad alone scared me a lot. However, I took the risk. I did it with GrowPro, and the truth is that I don't regret it at all. I highly recommend them, from the first moment they helped me 100% and advised me with everything, they even gave me tips on where to eat and what to visit. They have made my experience in Canada incredible, I haven't even felt alone once. They make you feel part of a community.»
      «Two years ago my sister traveled with them to New Zealand and had a great time. She recommended them to me and therefore I decided to study in the United States. I didn't have any problem with anything. They advise you really well and they are very attentive. Next year I plan to go to Malta, obviously with GrowPro. They are the best!»
      «I thought studying in another country was very complicated, but I took the plunge with GrowPro and it was the best. They helped me with all the paperwork and were attentive to me the whole trip to New Zealand, they even met me at the airport. Next year I'm going back to NZ for sure.»
      «I was afraid to travel abroad alone, but I always wanted to live in Ireland. With GrowPro I was encouraged to make the trip. From the beginning they helped me prepare everything, including the student visa which didn't turn out to be complicated. I met so many people, who made me feel like I was never really traveling alone - it was the best experience of my life!»
      «I always wanted to visit the beaches of Malta and study English, but I did not know where to start. Until GrowPro was recommended to me and the truth is that everything was great, from the advice to the reception at the airport and the events. I'm had a great time!»

      Choose the destination of your Experience Pack

      Australia - 399 AUD

      Australia - 399 AUD

      Sydney - Melbourne - Gold Coast - Perth - Brisbane - Adelaide - Byron Bay

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      Canada - 399 CAD

      Canada - 399 CAD

      Vancouver - Toronto - Montreal - Whistler

      Book Now
      Malta - 399 EUR

      Malta - 399 EUR


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      Ireland - 399 EUR

      Ireland - 399 EUR

      Dublin - Cork - Galway

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      New Zealand - 399 EUR

      New Zealand - 399 EUR

      Auckland - Queenstown

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