Australia’s Traditional Food: 16 Dishes to Discover the Country Through its Flavors

Australia’s Traditional Food: 16 Dishes to Discover the Country Through its Flavors

Tatiana Forero Rubiano
Tatiana Forero Rubiano

If you are a foodie traveler looking for new tastes and smells, living abroad is a menu with many options. Around the world, you’ll find rich and interesting dishes. If you live in Australia, you’ll discover that Australia’s traditional food has unique, delicious, and even exotic flavors.

Therefore, here are the 16 dishes of Australia’s traditional food that you should at least know exist. Maybe they will whet your appetite or your curiosity on your trip to Australia, so don’t miss them!

8 dishes from Australia’s traditional food that you must try

Tim Tam

Australia’s traditional food is delicious, so we wanted to start this count with a sweet note. Tim Tam are rectangular cookies that come in different flavors. The original is milk chocolate and it is about two layers of cookie separated by a thin chocolate cream base. They are also coated with chocolate.

Flat White

The second of Australia’s traditional food is not a dish, but a type of drink popular all over the world! If you like coffee, you cannot leave Australia without tasting the flat white. You serve it in a 150 ml cup consisting of one-third of espresso coffee, two-thirds of milk (of the type you want), and a skinny layer of foam on the surface.

Simple and elegant at the same time.

Hamburger with beet

Something striking about Australia’s traditional food is that beet tops their hamburgers. This curious tradition began in the forties. Aussies say that it all started as a joke towards American soldiers arriving in the country.

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Fairy Bread

Fairy bread is one of the typical desserts of Australia. It is bread spread with lots of butter or margarine. Then, it’s coated with lots of edible confetti, and off you go! Sounds good, doesn’t it?


The most typical thing you can find in Australia is to see an Australian eating his Weet-Bix for breakfast. They are quite large and wide wheat cookies with a huge contribution of fiber and superfoods. They were launched in 1930, so calculate how many years our Aussies have eaten this traditional Australian food for breakfast.


Among Australia’s traditional food, a good fish could not be missing and, possibly, the most traditional fish in the country is the Barramundi. Its name comes from a word in the Aboriginal language of Queensland that means “river fish with large scales”. It is usually served grilled and accompanied by vegetables and a touch of citrus.


Another Australia’s traditional food that you cannot miss is the lamington. It is a rectangular cake covered with dark chocolate and grated coconut shavings on top. In the middle, they usually put thin layers of strawberry or cream. It is so popular that, in 2006, they decided to find a national day for this sweet, which is July 21.


The typical desserts of Australia are the bomb. They are flour cakes that include sugar, white vinegar, and vanilla. Once everything comes together, you have to bake it in the oven and, when ready, you decorate it with cream or fruit.


8 exotic and rare dishes of Australian food

After tasting the delicacies of traditional Australian food, let’s go with some dishes that may shock you at first. Yes, there are some strange recipes in Australian food.

However, make sure this doesn’t bias you. Living in Australia and tasting these preparations is an adventure you should not miss. So check out these 8 Australian food dishes and let us know what you think.


It sounds weird and a bit gross, but don’t panic! Witchetty grubs, as they are also known, are one of the tastiest Australian foods – and super nutritious too!

Although they are difficult to eat at first, their nutty flavor is quite appealing and helps to understand why so many Aussies eat them at snack time. Are you ready to try them?

Emu meat

Australian food is very popular for its meats. Quite rare meats, by the way… Emu meat is a great example.

First of all, you should know that the emu is an Australian animal similar to an ostrich. Its meat is quite juicy, so you can eat it grilled or in a delicious burger with lots of cheese and fries.

Crocodile meat

Australia’s traditional food may at first seem a bit extravagant to foreigners.

For example, among Australia’s traditional food, crocodile meat stands out. But beware! It is not a regular dish to eat, although it is a real delicacy. Those who have tasted it say that its meat is similar to pork in texture, although in taste it is close to chicken.

As strange as it may seem, the truth is that the nutritional values of this tasty meat are enviable. It hardly provides any fat and has a high protein value.


Vegemite is an Australian traditional food par excellence. We dare say it is an icon of the country. This is a yeast cream, it has a salty and bitter taste. Aussies eat it at breakfast on slices of bread or they serve it with salads.


Ginger beer

If you want to try a typical Australian drink that is delicious, have a ginger beer. This craft beer is very popular among Aussies.

The recipe, in addition to ginger, includes sugar cane, which gives it a sweet and spicy touch that will make your tongue dance. Just don’t overdo it because the hangover the next day won’t be a dream.

Lemon, lime, and bitter

There is nothing to soothe the Aussie summer heat like a lemon, lime, and bitter. This is a very refreshing drink typical of Australia. When you visit a bar, be sure to try it. Despite being a simple drink, it is delicious. It includes lemon juice, lime soda, and a pinch of Angostura bitters to balance the flavors.

Gooseberry jam

Aussies have a sweet tooth. That’s why, in Australia’s traditional food, gooseberry jam is a must. At least, at breakfast. Its origin dates back to the Aboriginal tribes and it is prepared with fruits that grow in the north of Queensland. We tried it, and we can assure you that you will want to eat even the jar.

Plum pudding

Another typical Australian dessert that you must try is plum pudding. This is a quintessential Christmas sweet that can bring you luck!

The recipe includes flour, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, dried plums and gold. Therefore, they say that if you come across a golden nugget while eating, you will have good fortune all year long.

Ready to travel?

Now that you know more about Australia’s traditional food, try some new flavors. Aussie gastronomy is a bit particular, but it is delicious. Besides, during your trip, you can do more than fill your belly. What do you think about the idea of studying in Australia? More details below!

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