Best Beaches in Australia: Explore the 12 Most Breathtaking Coastal Wanders

Best Beaches in Australia: Explore the 12 Most Breathtaking Coastal Wanders

Tatiana Forero Rubiano
Tatiana Forero Rubiano

When you think of Australia, apart from kangaroos and koalas, you probably imagine vast paradisiacal beaches. It’s not a figment of your imagination: these places really exist. If you visit a new Australian beach every day, it will take you 27 years to visit them all… So we thought it’s best to make you a selection of the 12 best beaches in Australia, just in case you don’t have that much time.

Top 12 of the best beaches in Australia

The reasons for this selection are many. Not only does the beauty of the place matter; but also its environment, the quality of the waves for surf lovers and the wildlife you can find there. All of them are worth visiting for one reason or another. Shall we start?

1. Whitehaven Beach, the most paradisiacal beach


All those who have visited this place say that it is the perfect definition of paradise. Maybe you have never heard its name, but if you are lucky enough to visit it one day, you will remember it for the rest of your life.

The Whitsunday Islands are located in the state of Queensland, on the east coast of Australia. They are a fantasy of white sand and intense turquoise colors. The best way to visit them is with a catamaran cruise of about 3 days, sleeping under the stars!

2. Bondi Beach, Sydney’s favorite beach

There is no more famous beach in Sydney!

It may not be the most beautiful, but it is very popular with locals and tourists because of its atmosphere, its waves and the neighborhood that surrounds it. For this reason, many foreigners prioritize living in Bondi Beach, even if it is a neighborhood of Sydney a little more expensive than others.

The surroundings of the beach are full of bars, restaurants, and stores which make it a very lively place at all hours of the day.

In this area there are other beaches worth visiting such as Tamarama and Cogee.

3. Brighton Beach, the best in Melbourne


Sydney has Bondi and Melbourne, Australia’s most European city, has Brighton Beach. This beach and its ambiance show why Melbourne’s quality of life index is world-famous. Of course: it is almost obligatory to take a picture with the picturesque colorful houses overlooking the sea.

4. Lucky Bay, the one with the kangaroos

In the south of Australia you will find this beautiful bay that is famous because you can come across kangaroos on the beach and there are even those who say they have seen them surfing.

Well, that last one we may have just made up. Lucky Bay and its famous kangaroos are within Cape Le Grand National Park, about an hour’s drive from the town of Esperance.

5. Four Mile Beach, the most extensive

Port Douglas is a small town in the northwest of Australia with a family atmosphere and lots of nature to discover, such as the extensive Four Mile Beach. You will find many backpackers who chose this corner of Australia for the tranquility it offers.

6. Wineglass Bay, the choice of the intrepid


Perhaps the island of Tasmania was not on your list of places to visit in Australia… well, you can add it now! Those who have visited it highlight its nature and wild environment.

Although there are several beaches worth visiting, we recommend Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park, and also Bay of Fires.

7. South Bank Parklands, Brisbane’s artificial beach.

The people of Brisbane are within driving distance of some of best beaches in Australia. Even so, not being a coastal city, they decided to set up an artificial beach in the center of the city so as not to have to envy their neighbors.

Its warm climate, size, affordable prices and youthful atmosphere make living in Brisbane an option for many foreigners who decide to spend some time in Australia.

8. Surfers Paradise, for surfboard lovers


Surely this beach is more familiar to you. It is the most famous of the Gold Coast and one of the best beaches in Australia. It is the pride of the tourist and surfer center that is the state of Queensland.

If you are looking for a mile-long beach full of perfect waves and a variety of leisure activities, and with good weather all year round, Surfers Paradise is the place for you.

9. Tallows Beach and Main Beach, the one with the white lighthouse

Of course, the famous town of Byron Bay and its beaches must be on the list of the best in Australia. Few people have not fallen in love with this little piece of the world. Its hippie atmosphere, its beaches full of surfers and its nature make it one of the favorite places in Australia.

We recommend either of the two beaches on either side of Byron’s cape, where its famous white lighthouse is located. On one side, Main Beach, the main beach of Byron; on the other side, Tallows Beach, less crowded and more surrounded by nature.

10. Sunshine Coast, the hidden one

North of Gold Coast, in the state of Queensland, is the Sunshine Coast and the town of Noosa, a perfect enclave for those looking for beautiful beaches, tropical climate and tranquility. It is a place that is on the fringe of more typical destinations like Byron Bay or Gold Coast.

11. Cable Beach, the one with the camels

When traveling in Australia, the vast majority of people opt for the West Coast. However, the east of Australia also has numerous and extensive beaches to explore.

A good example of this is Cable Beach, where it is typical to travel its endless kilometers of coastline on the back of a camel, an animal that arrived with the settlers and adapted very well to the country’s climate.

12. The 12 Apostles, the shocking


Undoubtedly, 12 Apostles must be among the best beaches in Australia. Although this place is not thought of as a beach, the truth is that the majestic 12 Apostles (these rocks that protrude into the sea) are one of the best-known and most spectacular natural scenery in all of Oceania.

They are located about 3 3-hour drive from Melbourne and are usually visited along the famous Great Ocean Road, a must if you visit the state of Victoria.

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