Discover the Cost of Living in Sydney in 2024

Discover the Cost of Living in Sydney in 2024

Tatiana Forero Rubiano
Tatiana Forero Rubiano

If the charm of the Antipodes has captured you and you want to study in Australia, one aspect you must know is the cost of living in Sydney. This way, you can set up a budget to start heading towards your adventure.

This is very important if you want to find a balance between your responsibilities and the Australian lifestyle, because while many students seek a job to cover the cost of their stay, the idea of crossing the ocean is to enjoy everything Australia has to offer!

So, in this article, we share an approximate budget* for you to plan your finances and trips to this destination. Keep reading and get ready to live in Sydney in 2024!

*Disclaimer: all prices you will see in this article are for reference and may vary over time.

What is the cost of living in Sydney?

To be honest, the cost of living in Sydney is not very affordable. It is one of the most expensive cities of Australia. However, one of its great advantages is that here you will find several options to study, work, and have fun.

Well, how much does it cost to live in Sydney?

It all depends on your lifestyle and preferences. But, on average, our growers spend approximately 4000 AUD per month on accommodation, food, and transportation.

Of course, this can be much less if you are flexible with your expectations! Next, we will talk more in detail about each aspect that makes up the cost of living in Sydney.

If you are concerned about expenses, you should know that all our experiences in Australia allow you to study and work. Choose your ideal course, let us apply for your student visa, and let’s take off!

Cost of renting in Sydney

If you want to know the cost of living in Sydney, a super important factor to consider is accommodation. Its value will not only depend on the Sydney neighbourhood you are going to live in, but also on the size of the space you are going to rent.

To give you a better idea, we will give you some approximate values of the cost of living in Sydney, provided by our team living in the city.

  • Renting private accommodation can cost 280 to 380 AUD weekly, depending on the area of the city you live in. In the centre and its surroundings, housing is more expensive.
  • Renting shared housing ranges from 180 to 220 AUD per week. If you want to save money, the best thing you can do is find a roommate.

What are the best neighbourhoods in Sydney for students?

If you are looking for accommodation in Inner West, there are several neighbourhoods you can put on your checklist before making a decision. What are our favourites?

  • Newtown: if you are into the hipster vibe, like new vegan proposals, and love the bohemian atmosphere, you will enjoy living here.
  • Marrickville: it is one of the flagship neighbourhoods of the working class and migrants in Australia. In its streets, you can enjoy various gastronomic proposals that include good beer and coffee.
  • Surry Hill: it went from being a working-class neighbourhood to having the coolest plans in all of Sydney. If you are going to live here, stop by The Forresters or Shakespeare Hotel.

And aren’t there good options in Sydney’s residential neighbourhoods? Yes! There are several alternatives that you will love; especially if you love living near the beach and being in tune with a more chill vibe. Here are our recommendations to give you an idea of the cost of living in Sydney:

  • Croydon: it is one of Sydney’s suburbs with a good proposal of cafés and restaurants, but with a very quiet atmosphere. This is because many Aussie families live here.
  • Artarmon: it is a very quiet place to live and the most incredible thing is that you will find different types of apartments. However, do not expect a noisy nightlife vibe.
  • Hornsby: although it is 30 minutes away from the CBD, it is a place with a good proposal of restaurants and natural parks to have fun.

Cost of public services

What else should you consider for the cost of living in Sydney? The cost of public services, since this depends largely on the location of your accommodation.

According to Expatistan, these may be the estimated costs you must pay per month. Take note:

  • Water and electricity services for a 45 m² home up to 160 AUD.
  • Water and electricity services for an 85 m² home up to 209 AUD.
  • Basic fixed internet connection: 63 AUD.

Cost of food

Another aspect you cannot lose sight of if you want to know the cost of living in Sydney is food. As you can imagine, the monthly amount also depends on your habits and eating style.

According to our team in Sydney, a weekly estimate is 80 to 100 AUD, but this depends on the type of diet you have and the places where you shop. Also, if you eat out regularly, the figure can be much higher.

So, a tip for travelling is to try to cook yourself whenever you can.

In addition to cooking, it is also a good idea to make a shopping list before going to the supermarket. This way, you avoid making unnecessary purchases or wasting food. Well, how much do groceries cost? These are the approximate values according to Expatistan:

  • 1 kilo of apples: 4.44 AUD
  • 1 litre of milk: 1.88 AUD
  • 1 dozen eggs: 6 AUD
  • 1 kilo of potatoes: 4.13 AUD


Cost of transportation in Sydney

Although it would be fun, you cannot use your surfboard to move around the entire city. That’s why the best option is Sydney’s public transportation. Now, is it better to buy each ticket or pay the monthly pass? Let’s see the cost of living in Sydney in this aspect.

The cost of a public transportation ticket is 4 AUD. Now, having a monthly pass can help you save money. According to our team in Sydney, you would spend 50 AUD per week with such a pass, so get an Opal Card. The advantage is that, with the card, you have unlimited trips, so this will be your best option if you live far from your school or work.

And what if you try the shared bike system? The service provided by private operators (such as Lime, Mobike, and Beam) can help you enjoy better what there is to see in Sydney, exercise, and save more money.

Cost of leisure and recreational activities

We have reached the most fun part of this article, about the cost of living in Sydney. The information would not be complete if we did not tell you what the expenses could be for having fun in Australia according to Expatistan:

  • Entry to the cinema for 2 people: 42 AUD.
  • Cocktail in a bar: 19 AUD.
  • A coffee: 4.93 AUD.
  • Dinner in a restaurant: 67 AUD.

Live your next adventure in Sydney with GrowPro


Now you know the cost of living in Sydney. At GrowPro we are more than ready to help you start this Australian adventure with all the power. Did you know that we have a very complete catalogue of experiences so you can study, work, and get to know this fantastic country?

Choose your experience in Australia and have the perfect excuse to live the true Aussie lifestyle. Click on the link and fill out the form to receive our personalised and free advice.

You just need to pack your bags and get your plane tickets ready for the fun to begin. Are you ready to take this big step in your life?

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