6 Islands of Australia You Can’t Miss: Explore Them Now!

6 Islands of Australia You Can’t Miss: Explore Them Now!

Tatiana Forero Rubiano
Tatiana Forero Rubiano

Are you familiar with the diverse islands of Australia? Wondering what activities they offer? Fear not! In this article, we’ll dispel any uncertainties by exploring the most breathtaking and renowned ones.

Discover what to see and do on the islands. We’ll show you their attractions and activities. Find their locations on the map and learn how to get there easily.

Bigger, smaller, more populated, more deserted… the islands of Australia come in all shapes and sizes, and each of these peculiarities gives them a distinct personality. They’re among the top 40 things to experience in Australia. Enhance your time living, studying, or working here.

Discover the 6 islands of Australia

1. Whitsunday Islands

There are no more and no less than 74 islands in Australia. Most of them are uninhabited, but each one of them offers some attraction. Indulge in the purest of nature, breathe in unpolluted air, soak up crystal-clear waters, or explore the mesmerizing Great Barrier Reef while snorkeling.

Hamilton Island, for example, immerses you in a vibrant culture with its unique tourist atmosphere. You can take an excursion to South Molle National Park, or stroll along the white sand of the beach called Whitehaven Island. The sand contains 98% silica, which traps heat and gives it that silky-smooth texture.

How to get to this island of Australia? There are 2 airports, Hamilton Island and Proserpine, which have direct flights from Brisbane or Cairns. Although it may be more convenient to take a ferry from Arlie Beach to Hamilton Beach or Shute Harbour. But of course, everything will vary depending on your location.

2. Magnetic Island

Discover an unfamiliar Australian island with a fascinating history. Learn about its intriguing past. Its name originates from an event involving James Cook, the British explorer. He observed a magnetic anomaly in the area, which remains unexplained to this day.

Explore the island’s abundant wildlife, including koalas roaming freely. Discover its four unique villages: Nelly Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Arcadia, and Picnic Bay.

To get to this island, the best way is to take a ferry from Townsville, whose pier can be reached by bus or train. It departs every hour and takes about 25 minutes to arrive.

And what to do?

Apart from being permanently attentive to the incredible nature that surrounds you, you can go trekking through the different routes enabled on this island of Australia. For instance, "Hawkings Point" boasts a clearly defined trail and breathtaking views of Nelly and Picnic Bay. Another route is that of "The Forts", where 4 km. of ascent await you, ending in wonderful views of the coast.

3. Stradbroke Island

This Australian island is near Brisbane, and easily accessible. Simply take a train to Cleveland, then a ferry to Dunwich. Two ferry options: a faster, pricier one (25 min.), and a slower, cheaper one (about 50 min.)

What can you expect on this Australian island? Prepare to be captivated by its natural beauty, pristine sandy beaches, and delightful mini coves. Encounter wallabies, kangaroos, and koalas roaming freely across the grassy landscapes.

Stradbroke Island is divided into two parts: North Stradbroke and South Stradbroke. They merged before separating in 1985 due to a violent storm, creating the renowned Jumpinpin Pass.

In the northern section, renowned for its beauty, lies the George Walk, a stunning and effortless route. Don’t miss out on visiting Main Beach (22 km) or Frenchman’s Beach – they’re must-see attractions.

4. Fraser Island

It is one of the most visited islands of Australia by both tourists and Australians themselves, and its beauty borders on magic. The name comes from the Aboriginal word, k’gari, which means paradise, so knowing this you can guess what you will find there.

Discover the island’s top attractions: Birrabeen River and Boomanjin River. Wanggolba River earns renown for its crystal-clear waters, which reveal a distinct sandy bottom.


You cannot miss Lake Mc.Kenzie. It is one of the most visited places on the island and one of the best beaches in the world. The sand is pure silica and you will breathe a peace and tranquility you never knew. On its shore is the Maheno Shipwreck, one of two ships that wrecked and which has become a must-see feature of Fraser's shores today.

How to access it? There are two options: Arriving from Rainbow Beach on the Sunshine Coast or from Hervey Bay. From these two points, there are regular ferry services that operate daily.

We recommend you to walk along the beaches and paradisiacal spots of this unique Australian island. You will find jellyfish and giant turtles on your way. We assure you it will be worth it.


5. Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island. It’s home to abundant kangaroo communities in the wild. But it’s not just kangaroos you’ll encounter. Explore koalas, sea lions, penguins, wallabies, and various bird species.

Within its natural habitat lie impressive caves, cliffs, beautiful bays, and picturesque rocks like the unmissable “Remarkable Rocks.”.

Experts typically advise spending at least two days on the island to fully explore its many wonderful sights and attractions. To access it, the most common way is to travel by train to Cape Jervis, about two hours south of Adelaide, and there take a ferry to Penneshaw, at Kangaroo Island. The duration is about 45 minutes.

You also have the option of taking a plane from Adelaide to Kingscote airport, it will take you 30 minutes, but the price is twice as much as going by ferry.


6. Lord Howe Islands

Of all the islands of Australia, this one could be crowned as an almost lost paradise. This island is one of Australia’s World Heritage Sites that protects a large number of endemic species.

These islands sit in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, approximately 600 km from Australia. The sole access is via a plane from Brisbane or Sydney, a journey lasting just under 2 hours.

The island permits only 400 visitors at once. Visitors prefer bicycles since car access is limited. Authorities safeguard the island as a rainforest and marine park.

You can stroll along its white sandy beaches, go snorkeling, or take a hike through the palm trees to Mount Gower, from where you can admire the mountainous terrain that rises all around.

The dimensions of this island are tiny, 11 km. long and 2.8 km. wide. Only 300 people live here during the year, and the village has only one street.

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These islands are awesome and each has its unique magic! If you’re heading to Australia, check some of these out. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget, seriously! Which one would you want to hit up first?

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Take a chance to live the experience and become a grower! See you in Australia!

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