Canadian Traditions | A Guide to Your Life in Canada

Canadian Traditions | A Guide to Your Life in Canada

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

One of the best countries to live and study abroad is Canada. With its rich history and landscapes, you can never go wrong in choosing Canada. Study in Canada and discover different Canadian traditions for a complete experience.

Canada is more than just a country; it’s home to a variety of people. But, it’s the diversity that forms their identity. Because of multiculturalism, they celebrate different festivities as part of Canadian traditions.

The country is filled with so much hope for everyone including aspiring international students. They are so welcoming that you would feel what it’s like being at home. Moreover, it’s one of the safest places to live in in the world.

Now the million-dollar question is, do you want to chase your dreams and live in Canada? If yes, we’ll share with you something about Canada that would fuel your interest in choosing this destination. So, here are the Canadian traditions that you should know before moving to the Great White North.

Canadian Traditions | Embrace a Diverse Life


They say that Canada doesn’t have an identity. Some would say it’s British, while some say it’s French. But it’s the diversity that makes them, which is why Canadian traditions are very unique.

Life in Canada is different from one family to another, and from one region to another. You might think that they’re disunited, but they’re not. Surprisingly, Canada is one of the friendliest places to live in in the world.

Canada is also known to have a high quality of life. Their excellent health care system, low crime rates, and more makes this country a dream place. The opportunities they offer extend globally, which is why international students would choose to study in Canada.

Language and Communication | How Aussies Stay Connected

Canada is a bilingual country with two official languages, English and French. However, most Canadians use English as their first language. Thus, you won’t find it hard to adapt and adjust if you live in Canada.

Canadian English is neutral and easy to understand. Though there are some local slangs that might confuse you with its meaning. For instance, loonie (a dollar coin), two-four (a case of 24 beers), and more.

Life in Canada is quite different from other countries in terms of communication. They speak softly and politely, but they always keep their distance. It’s not because they don’t like you; it’s just that they value personal space.

Canadians are cautious with the words they use when talking to other people. They could be frank whenever they disagree on something, but it’s always in a friendly tone. This is because they don’t want to create conflicts and get themselves into trouble.

The province of Quebec is home to the majority of French speakers in Canada. Over 7 million people use it as a first or second language. Moreover, a report in 2011 stated that there are more than 200 languages used as mother tongue in the country.

Canadian Traditions on Holidays | Mark Your Calendar


There’s a significant relationship between Canadian traditions and holidays. As a result of multiculturalism, Canadians hold several celebrations every year. They would love to participate in different festivities of color, light, and music.

Holidays are a perfect time to relax and enjoy after hustling at school and work. What makes it special from ordinary weekends is that other people are also having fun just like you. Some of them could be part of that experience, while some could be your friends for life.

Can you imagine how exciting your life in Canada would be because of these? We bet you’re smiling now as you daydream in the Great White North. But wait, we’ll share with you first some of the holidays in Canada.

  • Canada Day, celebrated every July 1, is the birthday of the Canada Nation.
  • One of the most important holidays in Canada is Thanksgiving, where families celebrate it over a lavish dinner.
  • Victoria Day is a commemoration of the late Queen Victoria, which is known in modern-day as long weekend.
  • Canadians celebrate Halloween every October 31, where children walk door to door for candies.
  • St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish heritage in Canada, where people would wear green and get drunk.

Liquor stores are closed during Canada Day. But Canadians love to gulp beer from their reserved liquors. Based on estimation, they can consume more than 500,000 liters of beer over the country’s birthday.

Lifestyle in Canada | The Things You Should Know About


Do you want to explore places and gain new experiences? Well, most Canadians love outdoor life. So this is a good sign for you to discover life in Canada.

Spending time outside is one of the Canadian traditions. They have ways of encouraging people to be physically active. Because of these, they live an incredibly healthy lifestyle.

Canada is a country of immigrants, and its food reflects that. They don’t have specific Canadian cuisine. However, you can try some of their regional dishes:

  • Tourtière (a pie with a bread dough base and stuffed with pork, beef, or vension)
  • Poutine (combination of French fries, melted cheddar cheese, and gravy)
  • Bannock (a spongy, buttery variety, sometimes compared to a fruitcake, made from wheat flour)
  • Smoked Meat Sandwich (a combination of rye bread, lots of meat, and a mustard sauce)
  • Trempettes (similar to pancakes that melts in your mouth)
  • Nanaimo Bars (three layers of flavor and textures: ground wafer, buttercream frosting with custard, and melted chocolate)

80% of the population in Canada likes alcoholic beverages. You might want to be one of them and enjoy life in Canada. Well, you should try Caesar, which is their national drink.

The average Canadian life is up to 81 years old, which is three years longer than the average American. According to US News, they ranked 4th among 10 countries for having the best public health care system.

Canadian Traditions in Spring | Season For New Beginnings

Spring is the season to wait and see miracles in nature. The warm weather brings back wildlife from hibernation during winter. And you can feel a spiritual connection as a new cycle of life begins.

Fall in love with Spring and get captivated by how nature blooms with grace. The beautiful flowers and the lush green grasses bring balance to the stillness of the Earth. And just like you, grow and glow as you start anew in your dream destination.

Life in Canada offers a wide range of excitement every season. But here’s what you can do in Springtime:

  • see the Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver
  • visit Ottawa Tulip Festival
  • spot some whales in Quebec
  • hike the Bruce Peninsula
  • wine touring in the Okanagan Valley

Canadian Traditions in Summer | Season of Travel


Summer in Canada is the time you can experience different festivals. Canadian traditions include live music, cultural events, and performances. Moreover, delicious food adds fun to the celebration.

The sunny and warm weather is ideal for outdoor activities, for example, hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. It’s also a perfect time to get along with your friends at school or work. Take a break from the world and experience fun that you will forever remember.

Summer is the best season for adventurous people like you. Here‘s what you can do in summer:

  • go hiking and camping in Alberta
  • travel around by train via the rocky mountaineer
  • enjoy the water in Vancouver
  • explore islands in Nova Scotia
  • try alfresco dining in Quebec

Canadian Traditions in Autumn | Season of Change

Autumn in Canada gives stunning foliage around the world. Its landscape is a bounty of color as yellow birch, maples, pines, and oaks. So, are you now ready to experience a colorful life in Canada?

Well, they say that Autumn is the season of change because of the transition that nature undergoes. At times, most people are scared to make big decisions because they are not familiar with them. However, nothing remains constant in this world, so why not take a leap and experience life in Canada.

You might have prepared yourself to get this far. So, here are some of the things you can do during Autumn in Canada:

  • visit Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal
  • drive the Icefields Parkway
  • explore the Thousand Islands in Ontario
  • see polar bears in Churchill
  • enjoy the stars during Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Canadian Traditions in Winter | Season of Comfort


Winter in Canada isn’t just about skiing and snowboarding. It’s so comforting that even reading a book would seem special. In addition, serving hot chocolate and pancakes with maple syrup is part of Canadian traditions.

Winter is a manifestation of how people love cozy stuff, like taking hot drinks, wearing thick clothes, and the like. It’s not just about fighting the coldness, but the warm feeling it brings is so good. It seems like you are in your comfort zone, and everything around you gives a sense of belongingness and love.

That’s quite a nice invitation to live in Canada, right? Well, there’s more to these comforts! Here are the things you can add to your bucket list in winter:

  • witness the frozen beauty of Niagara Falls
  • experience a White Christmas
  • try Ice Wine in Ontario
  • explore charming old towns
  • visits museum in Ottawa

In April 1815, Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted and triggered temporary climate change. Its effect reached Canada despite the distance. As a result, Canada’s crops didn’t grow, and they experienced a year without summer.

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These are just some of the many Canadian traditions you can experience if you study in Canada. If you wish to chase your dreams in the Land of Maple Leaf, we’re here to help you! Here at GrowPro, we want nothing but to give you the best journey of a lifetime.

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