Jobs for International Students in Canada | What you Should Know About

Jobs for International Students in Canada | What you Should Know About

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Have you decided to move and study in Canada? Did you find the university that offers the best course or program for you? Are you now looking for jobs for international students in Canada?

If your answer to all the questions is yes, this page is what you need. We’ll share with you jobs for international students in Canada. Moreover, we’ll also discuss what you should consider in finding a job.

Indeed, Canada is one of the best countries to study abroad because of its quality of education. On top of this, they offer students from various places the chance to work at the same time. Therefore, Canada is the perfect destination for a brighter future.

In addition, we’ll also talk about the work regulations for international students in Canada. And this will be your guide in building your plan. Of course, we’ll also give a list of part-time jobs in Canada that you can try.

So, if you’re eager to learn more about this topic, keep on scrolling down. We bet that it’s your lucky day today. Because we want to give you more, we’ll also share tips on how you can work in Canada.

How to Find Ideal Jobs for International Students | Things to Consider


For the past years, Canada has been an ideal destination for studies. In 2020, universities accepted over 500,000 international students in Canada. Well, who wouldn’t want to grab this chance of a lifetime, right?

Yes, it’s a chance worth taking risks because the country has so much to offer to you. You’ll not only excel academically, but you’ll also grow personally. And this is because of the experiences you’ll gain while studying and working in Canada.

However, you might ask how you’ll find a job as an international student. Is it hard to look for one? What should you keep in mind before you pass your resume?

Know the Work Regulations for International Students in Canada

For a country to prosper consistently, everything should be well-organized and regulated. There should be a regulation regarding the jobs for international students in Canada. And it has substantial reasons why it happens the way it is.

First, the purpose of moving to Canada to study should remain a priority. Second, to give equal opportunity to other international students in Canada. Lastly, to keep things under the government’s control.

Decide the Kind of Work you Want in Canada

If you already know the work regulations for international students in Canada, decide the kind of job you want. You can choose jobs on-campus if you find it convenient. However, you can also work off-campus if that’s what you prefer.

There are limited on-campus jobs for international students in Canada like:

  • library assistant
  • hospital clerk
  • research facility assistant
  • assistant for a professor

Moreover, you can work off-campus with the same jobs listed above, but there’s a consideration. You have to work in a partner facility of the university where you study. The options are yours; you just have to pick what’s best for you.

Top High-Paying Jobs for International Students in Canada

The chance to work in Canada is a great opportunity for international students. Truly, it’s expensive to study and live in Canada because you’ll have to pay for other stuff aside from school. Hence, this program will alleviate all the necessary expenses in Canada.

Now, you might be wondering what kind of work can you apply for in Canada. Well, there’s a long list, and we did mention some already. So, the most awaited part is here, we give you the top jobs for international students in Canada.



Bartending isn’t one of the highest-paying jobs for international students in Canada. However, the tips are something to look forward to. Remember, you can expect a 15-20% tip from a customer in Canada.

The average hour of a bartender is 13 CAD. If you work at least 20 hours a week, you will receive 260 CAD in a week. That should be enough for your food and allowance for school.

Sales Assistant


Sales assistance is a perfect job for international students in Canada during the weekend. Since shoppers would stroll around the city, stores would need more workers. The good thing is, you can also get a commission on top of your hourly rate.

The basic pay of a sales assistant per hour is 14 CAD. Now, if you can render at least 10 hours over the weekend, you already have 140 CAD in two days. Thus, you’ll never have a day in Canada without food to eat.



If you’re a coffee-lover, this job is perfect for you. It’s a step above bartending regarding its hourly pay scale. However, it doesn’t come with the same profitable tips.

The fulfilling part of this job is seeing customers recharge energy over a single shot. It may not be as high-paying as others jobs for international students in Canada, but it’s fun. That’s why you must choose a job of your interest.

Dog Walker


Another work in Canada that might be your liking is a dog walker. This job seems like taking care of your pet if you’re into furs. Nonetheless, the job is easy, and it could be an opportunity for you to relax.

The hourly pay of a dog walker is 15 CAD. Just imagine walking around with adorable dogs, and you’ll get 45 CAD in just 3 hours. Moreover, you’ll get to meet other people doing the same and have a chat with them.



If your patience is as high as Mount Logan, and if you have this passion for teaching, go for this job. If you’re good at Math or Science, make a living out of it. Even so, any work in Canada would be pretty inviting if you need a job.

As per the charge of this part-time job, you can set it before you start. However, the average hourly rate of a tutor in Canada is 16 CAD. On top of its good pay, the best part of this job is you can do it online.

Tips on Increasing your Chances of Landing a Job in Canada

We have shared some of the jobs for international students in Canada. But know that there’s still so much out there that you can try. It’s just a matter of patiently looking for one and, of course, your skills.

So, if you want to increase your chance to work in Canada, here are some tips worth considering:

  • Be part of student associations and organizations
  • Volunteer in some programs and activities
  • Join internships, seminars, competitions, or workshops related to your interests
  • Start networking: meet and befriend people
  • Stay open-minded: welcome whatever opportunities may come and remember that experiences matter


Study and Find Jobs for International Students in Canada with GrowPro | We Got You


Studying in Canada offers an opportunity of a lifetime and promotes personal growth and development. Moreover, you can find the best jobs for international students in Canada that will enhance your skills. As a result, you can land on a better work after graduation.

Now, why should you choose GrowPro if you study and work in Canada? First, we make sure that we will give importance to your plans and desires. Second, we don’t just leave promises; we live with them.

To give you a good start, you can check this most requested experience in Canada. Afterward, you can complete the form and wait for a call for further assistance. Also, we give tips on finding the best accommodation, transportation options, and more.

We live with our mission to help international students to study and work abroad. Set aside your fears and worries, for we will be with you every step of the way. So, choose GrowPro now because we got you!

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