10 Careers Related to Animals You Will Love to Study

10 Careers Related to Animals You Will Love to Study

Tatiana Forero Rubiano
Tatiana Forero Rubiano

What would the world be without animals? Probably a pretty gray place, right? So, if you’re a furry lover and dream of working in their care, you’re sure to be interested in studying careers with animals.

Life with animals has enormous health benefits. In fact, according to the NIH, being in contact with them is beneficial for heart care and contributes to reducing the development of mental illnesses.

So, if you want to work in preserving what does us so much good and have contact with animals every day, read on and discover these animal-related career options you can study!

10 careers you can study if you like animals

Transforming your passion for animals into a livelihood is possible! To begin with, you should know which careers with animals have the best career opportunities, and then choose the one that best fits your expectations and lifestyle. Take paper and pencil, let’s get started!

1. Veterinary

This is one of the most traditional careers with animals, among those seeking to dedicate themselves to their care. The main responsibility of a veterinarian is to prevent, care for, and control animal diseases and injuries.

This is how they learn to recognize symptoms, diagnose illnesses, and determine a treatment for improvement. And, do you know what the best thing about this career is? Because it is so broad, you can work in laboratories, veterinaries, or animal protection and control institutions.

This career lasts from 4 to 6 years, and it is mandatory to do a curricular internship to obtain the professional card.

2. Zootechnics

You may be wondering what the differences are between zootechnics and veterinary medicine. You see, we already saw that a veterinarian focuses on animal welfare. A zootechnician, on the other hand, deals with the breeding, feeding, health, and reproduction of farm animals and livestock.

With this in mind, zootechnicians work for the welfare of the species throughout their productive process. Likewise, they learn to make the most of the resources that these animals provide for human benefit.

This is one of the animal-related careers where you will see more scientific subjects related to biology and animal genetics. And if you are wondering about the field of action, we tell you that you will be able to work in research areas, technical assistance in farms and animal breeding farms, or teaching.

You can even find employment abroad. For example, Australia has some of the most diverse and interesting wildlife in the world. Study and work there is an invaluable experience for any animal lover.

3. Marine biology

Sea life lovers, this career is for you! Marine biologists are responsible for studying and protecting sea animals. They are also responsible for the administration and management of marine resources.

The best thing about this career?

You will be able to work in the protection of species at risk of extinction and collaborate with entities and organizations that are responsible for creating policies that ensure the continuity of these species.

This is one of the animal-related careers that will allow you to learn about cell biology, bioecology, seabird conservation, and environmental impact. You will also be able to work in the field as a consultant or researcher for private companies or organizations such as the WWF.

For example, you could research the state of marine life on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – this career combines science and exploration!


4. Dog training

This race is for all those who love the softest furry of the animal kingdom: dogs. Being the animal that lives most closely with humans, they need to be trained to relate correctly with both people and other dogs.

That is why you will learn subjects related to canine psychology, since knowledge of dog behavior is essential for their education.

As a dog trainer, you will be able to work with security forces such as the police or the fire department. Of course, you can also work with daycare centers and directly with pet owners.

5. Nature Photography

You may not know it, but the photography career has a specialization in wildlife photography. This career is perfect if you love being outdoors and surrounded by animals and nature.

To become a professional in this area, you must have specific knowledge of photography and image editing. You will also learn about the history of art, types of cameras, and photographic composition.

And if you are wondering about job opportunities, most photographers work as freelancers. However, others work in the media or research centers, documenting the life of the animals.


6. Riding instructor

This is, without a doubt, one of the most fun careers related to animals! As a riding instructor, you will have a close relationship with equines. In particular, your main task will be to lead practical sessions to teach other people how to ride horses.

This is a profession for those who love being outdoors, love horses, and have training skills. Especially the latter, as one of your main activities will be guiding individual riders or teams in riding tournaments.

The field of action of this career is in private institutions such as sports clubs, schools, or universities. However, keep in mind that this is such a specialized profession that it has few job opportunities, especially if we compare it with other options.

7. Entomology

Did you know that there are professionals who specialize in insect life? Yes! They are called entomologists and are in charge of studying arthropods. In particular, they study the diseases they can cause to humans and domestic or wild animals.

Therefore, if you are passionate about insects, training as an entomologist may be the best option for your professional future. Although the field of action is limited, you could work in universities, laboratories, research groups, or public health organizations.

Be careful! Before studying this career,, you must ensure you are not afraid of insects, such as spiders.


8. Canine and feline hairdressing and esthetic

If pampering furry friends is your thing, this is the career for you! As a pet groomer, you make sure that dogs and kittens enjoy good health and hygiene. Keep in mind that you have to get along with them very well, since many of them get scared when you bath them.

Your duties will include washing, cutting, and brushing their hair, grooming their nails, and combing their hair. Of course, to do so, you will have to take a course in canine and feline grooming. Thanks to this training, you will learn the best techniques to take care of animals.

Your field of action will be in veterinary clinics, animal protection associations, specialized grooming salons, or dog shows.

9. Biology

Above we told you about the career of Marine Biology. Well, now we are going to talk about Biology. Biologists are in charge of studying living beings, from their minimal structure to the most complex relationship with the environment.

That is why their studies are related to animals. And is that when studying this career, you will have to see subjects such as animal histology, microbiology, or cell biology to learn about the survey, analysis, and evaluation of biodiversity.

And we have good news for you! Biology professionals usually have good salaries. They work in places such as laboratories, diagnostic centers, or private companies dedicated to the study of science.


10. Animal protection

It is no secret that animal abandonment and mistreatment is a real problem. For this reason, there are associations dedicated to the rescue and protection of abandoned animals. These organizations are usually concerned, in particular, with the protection of pets and species in captivity.

The tasks of an animal protector are: caring for and rehabilitating animals, organizing visits from potential adopters, formalizing adoption agreements, and visiting veterinary centers.

This job is perfect if you have sensitivity to animals and want to learn tools for their defense.

Most of these associations are non-profit. However, for your altruistic work, you can also receive a contract and a fair salary.

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