How To Get A Job Abroad | Discover The Best Destinations

How To Get A Job Abroad | Discover The Best Destinations

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Sure, traveling is great. But, you know what’s even better? Living abroad! Maybe it has always been your dream, or perhaps you just need a fresh start. Whatever the case, it is a leap you must take. It will change your life forever. Sure, you might say, but how will I sustain myself? A valid question, but quite an easy one! You just need to find out how to get a job abroad.

And, the good news is, it is not only doable. It can be done with style! You have plenty of options to do it. For example, thanks to the digital age, you can study the job market in another country at length. Also, you can apply to those jobs without leaving your home!

How To Get A Job Abroad | Top Recommendations

Best locations job abroad

Here at GrowPro, we have plenty of experience helping people fulfill their dream of living abroad. So, we have prepared this comprehensive guide with everything you need to know to get a job abroad. Additionally, we’ll show you the best countries to start a new life. Buckle up ‘cause here we go!

As we said at the beginning, getting a job abroad has diversified thanks to the internet. But you must also take precautions because the information and advertisements can be scams. Therefore, here we present the best ways to get a job abroad.

Adjust your CV to the international market

Having a CV that is attractive anywhere in the world will give you many chances. In this case, you must first investigate the most frequently used format in your country of interest. In many countries, a cover letter is also required to apply.

Have it ready and impeccable both in print and digital format. Because although email is the most useful tool, personal delivery has a special touch.
Make sure to highlight your biggest assets. For example, maybe you are going to a country that speaks a different language than yours. In that case, you have the advantage of being fluent in your mother tongue.

A note of caution. If you do not have experience, try not to lie in your online resume. You can get in trouble if you get the job interview.

Look for a job abroad on international sites

Online job boards such as Indeed and MonsterJobs operate in various countries around the world. And all it takes is a few minutes to create your profile. Of course, you’ll have to add detailed information about your academic and work experience. As well as your achievements. And, if requested, you may have to add a photo. So make sure to have a professional-looking one handy!

The advantage of these platforms is that they are a window to the labor market abroad. And you can see which jobs are most in-demand and get a sense of the salaries. In other words, they are a good way to investigate your future employment situation.

Look for a remote or freelance job abroad

Another way to secure an income while traveling the world is to digitize your profession. Then, you can work from anywhere. Working as a freelancer allows you to build a portfolio of clients wherever you go. For that, knowing how to promote your services is crucial. And making them known with a creative book is the most common way to do it.

You can also search for jobs online as a virtual assistant or copywriter. Also, there are jobs that allow you to practice remotely with a fixed monthly salary. Of course, always google the company to which you apply to see that it is legal and reliable.

You also have the possibility of starting an online business and managing it from wherever you are. These online alternatives give you a job abroad. You can move around without the pressure of not having any income.

Teach your language as a job abroad

If you choose a country with a different language than yours, your opportunities multiply! For example, you can find a job abroad as a teacher of your mother tongue.

For this, it is advisable to take a teaching course so that you have the necessary tools and strategies. Remember that you can master a skill, but not necessarily know how to transmit it. Having a certificate will give you many more opportunities. Here technology also comes to play in your favor, as there are very popular online class platforms where you can upload your courses.

Udemy or Superprof are the most popular. You could also upload your material to YouTube. Although this will not generate income unless you have hundreds of thousands of followers to monetize your content. Is this impossible? No, but it takes a long time.

How To Get a Job Abroad as a Student

Irish student

There are many options for how to get a job abroad. But, without a doubt, the one with the most advantages is working while studying abroad. So, we’re going to get into detail about this.

Of course, among its advantages are that it gets you to leave your comfort zone and explore new places. But there’s much more, studying abroad is the perfect excuse to travel. Because you will also train and grow academically, professionally, and personally, that is, the complete combo.

There is also more than one way to study and work abroad at the same time and legally. You can study a language, take a vocational course, or even continue and complement your university studies. This will depend, as always, on your needs, interests, and lifestyle. We know that there is a lot to order at this point, so let’s go by parts and explain them one by one.

Studying another language and getting a job abroad

Nowadays knowing a second language is extremely necessary. With it, more doors are opened to you, and, without it the limitations are notorious. But do you know what is better than learning another language? Studying it abroad, of course!

The language that will be of more use to you depends on your goals and interests. For example, you might be interested in Spanish, one of the most spoken languages in the world. Or maybe you’d be into something more mystical like Irish. Either way, it will give you access to more and better opportunities. So don’t waste the chance!

Studying vocational courses abroad

Now, studying another language is always advisable. But maybe you’ve chosen a place where they speak the same language as you. Or maybe you think living in the language is quite enough to learn it. And that’s perfectly fine. Although, if you ask us, it is still better to take advantage of your time abroad furthering your education.

An excellent opportunity for this is vocational courses. These are short courses that help you hone a particular skill. The offer of vocational courses in a country usually matches the necessary skills of the place. So, one of these courses is a perfect opportunity to get a job abroad. Don’t miss it!

Get higher education while holding a job abroad

Yes, vocational courses are an excellent option. But, how about a full Bachelor’s or Master’s degree? Why not?! Getting a college education in a country that isn’t yours has the added advantage that you are out of your comfort zone. This gives you invaluable experience that will look great on your CV.

Considering higher education abroad opens the door to such interesting things. For example, did you know that Malta has one of the oldest universities in the world? Or that Australia has five universities in the top 50 worldwide? And, a student visa gives you the opportunity of getting a job abroad! What could be better?

How to Get a Job Abroad |  6 Top Destinations

how to get a job abroad

The best destinations to study vocational courses, university studies, or languages have many things in common. These are virtues such as high quality of life, education, public systems, and immigration policies. All this attracts many young people from all over the world who also wondered how to get a job abroad. And, after searching, came to the same conclusion as us.

We have selected 5 of the best destinations to get a job abroad that allow you to study to make the most of your stay. Based on these criteria, and on our long history with those who dare to take advantage of new opportunities. Get to know them below!


The country of koalas is a must among places to get a job abroad. Studying and working in Australia is the best strategy for those looking to get the most out of the experience.

College and vocational courses in Australia are varied and fit for all profiles. With a student visa, you can stay for a year and work. You will enjoy a great quality of life, relaxed life, cultural variety, and amazing landscapes.

To illustrate, here are some great experiences in Australia that allow you to study while holding a job abroad. Take a look and remember that you can receive all the extra info you need!



There are many, many advantages of living in Canada. Winter sports, warm welcome to foreigners, and, of course, quality of life. Here, you have the opportunity to take vocational and university courses and also learn French!

The only peculiarity, when considering how to get a job abroad here, is the visa. The student visa, and no other, allows you to work in Canada. But, if you only study languages, then you cannot get it. In that case, the best strategy is to combine them with vocational courses or something else.

These programs, called Co-Op Courses allow you to live in Canada for your study season and to generate income legally. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are the ones that most welcome foreign students who want to work.

Check out our experiences in the maple country!



If you’re into learning a widely spread language while also enjoying cosmopolitan cities and culture, then Spain is for you! Here, there are also many opportunities for study and work. As well as a large number of attractions to see, high-quality education, health services, and welcoming society.

In cities like Madrid and Barcelona, you will feel at home. Because, being very diverse, you will find many people just like you with whom you will be able to share experiences. Furthermore, Spanish history and gastronomy also stand out and you can experience and enjoy them personally.

Getting a job abroad in Spain is also possible with your student visa. Which allows you to access the best Spanish-speaking institutions. And get a job to continue saving. Have a look at our excellent options in Spain!


New Zealand

The land of kiwis also has a powerful draw on foreigners who already know how to get a job abroad. It has the advantage of being an English-speaking country and of being a very developed place.

Living in New Zealand means being surrounded by lakes, beaches, mountains, and even glaciers. Furthermore, there’s a temperate climate for those who do not tolerate heat and cold for a long time. National parks and extreme sports are also present on this magnificent island. Additionally, if you are a fan of

The Lord of the Rings saga, this is a paradise for you. And, of course, we also have the best experiences in this dream destination.



Back in Europe, we find one of the most interesting and rich countries when it comes to history and culture. The Emerald Island holds a well-earned spot in the top countries to get a job abroad and study. The attractions to see in Ireland are strongly linked to Celtic history and long before.

Of course, if you go in March to Ireland, you can enjoy its export holiday: The feast of Saint Patrick.

Furthermore, the land is full of friendly and cool people with whom you can have a beer or a whiskey. As a mystical land, it is full of curiosities and fun facts you’ll love to discover. Find out how you can do that with us here!



Ok, this one might come as a surprise. But, hear us out! Getting a job abroad in Malta is a fantastic idea for lots of reasons. It is an exotic and fascinating Mediterranean destination. And it offers an excellent quality of life!

It is one of the least expensive countries in Europe. So, you can work and study at the same time and still have enough to party! It has to be said that it is a small country (you can cross it in a day!).

But, that doesn’t mean it has little to offer. You can spend months discovering all the wonders this place holds. Also, it has great education opportunities for you to consider. Remember we mentioned Malta has one of the oldest universities in the world? Come join its centennial tradition!


How to Get a Job Abroad with GrowPro

Getting a job abroad with GrowPro the easiest thing to do! Why? Because we take care of everything! We can help you select an experience, find the right visa, do the paperwork… And then give you a grand welcome and help you out with anything you need on-site.

Why not spend a year in Ireland and then get a job abroad in Malta? Or cross the ocean to New Zealand? There are no limits! And, if you go with us, there aren’t any complications either. What are you waiting for?!

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