Living Abroad | 7 Secrets You Need To Know In Advance

Living Abroad | 7 Secrets You Need To Know In Advance

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

So, you’re finally there. You’ve saved up enough money to travel the world. But, you realize it will not do to spend just a few months abroad. What you really want is the whole experience of living abroad. To bask in the experiences you can only get from a long season away from home.

And so, you burn the ships. Say your goodbyes. Book your flights and accommodation. And set sail to another country. Everyone wishes you the best now that your life is about to change. But, there is so much they can’t tell you about living abroad. So, today, we let out hair a bit loose to tell you 7 secrets about living abroad. Let’s go!

7 Things nobody tells you about living abroad

It is very likely that once you let go of the fear of traveling, you will be full of hope. And who are we to pop that bubble! On the contrary, with this article, we want you to land with your feet firmly on the ground. And that, when you are living abroad, nothing takes you by surprise.

Taking the leap to live abroad is one great act of bravery. Not everyone is willing to do it. But it brings great rewards. You will be presented with endless opportunities to improve your quality of life, to study and work, to make new friends, etc.

Make the most of it! Without a doubt, living abroad is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. It will change your world and bring you thousands of gifts. So without further ado, reveal to you some 7 secrets of living abroad.

Facing moments of loneliness and sadness while living abroad

loneliness while living abroad

This is one of the hardest things to talk about. So we thought we’d get it out of the way first. One of the biggest fears when moving abroad and leaving your place of origin is loneliness. At first, the euphoria of living abroad will be overwhelming. But then, you’ll start to miss the place where you have spent most of your life.

At GrowPro we believe it is better to talk about it. And, more importantly, to accept that there will be times when nostalgia arises for being far from your native country. But this is only a stage. So, our advice? Enjoy the ride! Do not fight with what you feel.

On the contrary, look on the bright side: the feeling of loneliness will make you more independent. And also, in a way, it will make you more open to new friendships.

As we have always said, traveling expands your universe. And, it seems easy to imagine what life will be like in Canada or Australia, for example. But when you arrive and experience living in these countries, you might realize it is something entirely different.

The destination you decide to emigrate to will undoubtedly surprise you. For example, in Spain on Sundays, except in tourist places like Madrid or Barcelona, shops are usually closed. Or in Australia, the typical food includes kangaroo meat.

Or, in Ireland, circulation is on the other side of the road! So, there will be plenty to get used to and to get to know. It may seem hard or even overwhelming at first. But, it is part of what makes traveling so great.

Broadening your language and way of speaking while living abroad

Do you like your accent and your peculiarities? Well, say goodbye to them! Living abroad means adapting your language to the place you are moving to. And that implies forgetting your slang. Because even if you speak the language of the country, your slang might not be understandable for them.

So, be careful! There are expressions that vary from one country to another. And you don’t want to make a fool of yourself or get punched in the face. So, little by little you’ll adjust to the local way of speaking.

Besides, if the local language is not your mother tongue, you’ll probably start blending them! And you’ll take expressions and mannerisms with you back home.

Meeting people who are quite different from you

Meet other people while living abroad

In addition to meeting like-minded people, take into account that you will also meet people very different from you. We tend to be very romantic about this point, but sometimes, there are differences that cannot be reconciled.

If you are studying while living abroad, you will have easy access to like-minded friends at school. But it may happen that you share an apartment and meet people whose culture is quite foreign to yours. And although they might speak in English or even your own language, you may never understand each other.

Do not get frustrated! Part of the richness of expanding your personal universe has to do with accepting that there are diverse people in the world. Whose traditions and customs may seem strange to us. Respect is the foundation of everything. And if you do not connect, look for the necessary compromises so that your experience is wholesome.

Study abroad with these experiences

It is hard to find a job while living abroad

It is hard to find a job while living abroad

We’re not gonna lie: living abroad and looking for work is complicated. Let’s start with the fact that you will compete with the citizens of the country to which you have emigrated. Also with other travelers who are living abroad. In addition, for foreigners, working conditions are usually quite demanding.

Also, working abroad is possible. The main thing is that you have a good attitude, be persistent, want to work, and know where to go. For example, Australia and Canada have very good immigration programs for skilled workers. And there is practically no discrimination. So, if you are what employers are looking for, they will open their doors to you.

Difficulties with communication


When you live abroad in a country with a different language than yours, it is normal to be scared. Although that should never stop you! Before your trip, learn some basic greetings and sentences. So that you can move around the city and ask locals for information.

Also, download applications like Google Translate. Of course, remember that it is temporary. After a few days, you should take a course to learn the language. Because, if you intend to work, you have to be able to communicate.

On the other hand, we recommend that you investigate how people interact in the country you are moving to. For example, in many places in Latin America, it is normal to greet each other with hugs and kisses. But Canadians. prefer to keep their distance. So you better know how to say hello and not screw up.

While living abroad, you value things you never took into account before

living abroad

It is undeniable that we go through life taking everything for granted. But while living abroad, that changes! Dinners with your family, meetings with your friends or just sleeping in your own bed take on a new meaning. You even learn to value and enjoy the customs of your home.

Although it sounds sad, this is something beneficial about living abroad. Your perspective changes and you begin to value what really matters. Living abroad, you learn that the material is worth nothing and that relationships we neglect sometimes, are a priority.

You will also learn the importance of things that may have seemed trivial. Like keeping your space orderly and well taken care of. Having a plan and a good schedule to not forget things, etc.

Living Abroad with GrowPro

group of international students together

Ok, now you know all the secrets about living abroad. And, hopefully, have a clearer image of what it will actually be like. But now, it is time to let you in another not-so-secret. With GrowPro, you can have the whole experience of living abroad made easier.

Yes! We can help you out with planning, paperwork, and whatever you need. We even make sure you don’t feel lonely. With a welcome pack and events planned just so you can meet other adventuring souls like yourself!

So start saving and embark on this new adventure! It’s scary, we know. But the benefits of living in another country outweigh the cons. And, with the tips we gave you, you shouldn’t have too much trouble adapting. Furthermore, if you don’t know where to go or what to do, we leave a few suggestions for you to consider!

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Charlotte Koks

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