Types of Travelers | Find Out Which One Are You!✈

Types of Travelers | Find Out Which One Are You!✈

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

almost everyone in the world, traveling is their favorite activity. Getting to know a new culture, a new language, very interesting people and hundreds of places that you only see in movies are some of the pleasures you get from traveling. Hence, everyone wants to become a “citizen of the world.” For each place, there are many types of travelers. It’s just that when it comes to traveling, each person does it in their own style and in their own way.

Have you ever wondered what you are like when you travel? If you want to find out which category you belong to, be sure to take a look at this article.

Types of Travelers | Which One Are You?

You may be able to classify your entire family and even your friends. So put them to the test with this information and have a little fun!

The Photographer

Types of traveler: photographer

Traveling means creating many new memories. But some travelers want the experiences of each trip to remain not only in their memory. And so, they take hundreds and hundreds of photos. Do you identify with that description? Then let us tell you that you are a traveling photographer.

These types of travelers are identified by two things: first, their suitcases may be missing anything but their camera and all the gadgets they can use to capture the best shot. Second: you will see them with a camera in hand throughout the trip. And they will be taking photos even of the pebbles on the ground.

In this category, we could also include Instagramers. These types of travelers document their entire trip through their mobile phones. Then, they share it with the community of users of the Instagram application.

If you are this type of traveler, you will be delighted to know that by traveling with GrowPro Experience you will get to know the most beautiful landscapes. We’ll take you to New ZealandAustralia, Ireland and Canada, where you can take all the photographs you want to fill your Instagram feed with new material. Wouldn’t you love it?

The Wild

Types of traveler: adventurer

Intrepid is the best adjective to define these types of travelers. An adventurous traveler is afraid of nothing and is willing to tour the city from start to finish. They do not need to plan routes or an itinerary. For them, getting lost is the best way to get to know all the corners of the place they are visiting. And, of course, lots of new people. At most, all they need is a map or a GPS.

Adventurous travelers never say no to a plan. They are lovers of the outdoors and remote destinations. So they load their suitcases with the things they will need the most and go out to explore the world.

The Cultural One

Types of traveler: cultural traveler

In addition to knowing incredible places, traveling is synonymous with getting to know a new culture. While also soaking up other customs and traditions. If every time you choose a new destination, what excites you the most is learning about the country’s culture and the way the natives see life, you should know that you are a cultural traveler par excellence.

These travelers are those types who are interested in the history of the places they visit, their gastronomy, and their people. They yearn to feel as if they were native inhabitants and immerse themselves to the maximum in their travel experience.

The Planner


Do you like to plan your trip from start to finish? Then you should know that you are a planning traveler. They keep a folder with an itinerary of every activity they are going to do during their stay.

From day one, they plan their budget to cover each and every one of their expenses. And they make a “to-do” list to make sure they don’t miss a single activity they planned. Unlike adventurous travelers, these types of people organize their luggage very carefully. Also, they carry more things than necessary since “you never know when you may need them.”

The Opulent


For these types of travelers, comfort and luxury cannot be sacrificed for the world. When it comes to traveling, the luxury traveler spares no expense to make their stay five-star. Elegant hotels, first-class tickets, and private transportation are some of the requirements for these travelers when they go abroad.

These types of travelers often prefer luxury excursions when they are away. Helicopter rides, private tours of parks and museums, and any VIP experiences are their favorites. And they are willing to pay whatever it takes to receive the best care.

The Shopaholic


“Where’s the nearest shopping mall?” Have you ever said that phrase? Then, you are the best example of a shopaholic traveler. When they leave the airport, their suitcase weighs about five kilos. But when they return, they hardly manage to close it and it can weigh three times as much.

These types of travelers are lovers of local markets. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, and everything that can be obtained at a good price are the favorite artifacts of these travelers. Oh, and let’s not forget the souvenirs to adorn the shelves in the room and to give to the whole family.

Traveler 2.0

In this modern age, travel and technology go hand in hand. Traveler 2.0 is a combination between an adventurous traveler and a photographer traveler. That is, they are willing to go to every last corner and document everything to then share it with others.

Currently, bloggers and vloggers travel the world and share their experiences so that their followers can “live” this experience. They also share tips and recommendations on accommodation, restaurants, places to visit, among other things. And do not forget, that the plugs in Australia are bound to be different from those in your country ;).

The Hard-Worker


Traveling is not always done for pleasure. Maybe your job requires that you have to move from one place to another to attend a conference or meeting. And if so, let us tell you that you are the typical working traveler.

These types of travelers have a very tight schedule. And their day is planned so that they can fulfill all their work commitments. But they take the opportunity to get to know the city they are visiting.

On the other hand, your intention may be to work in the destination where you will live your adventure. If this is the case you should know thatsome countries let you work and study at the same time. This way you can prepare yourself academically to be eligible for a better job. Would you dare? Take a look at these options!

The Foodie


Eating, eating, and eating are all these types of travelers think about. The “foodie” traveler believes that the way to know a new country is through the local gastronomy. Just as the adventurous are drawn to the most remote places, the foodies will go to every restaurant. And they will eat and drink whatever comes to their table.

The Open-Minded Adventurous

eternal traveler

Some travelers like to travel for vacations. But others decide to travel to study or work. These types of travelers spend months and even years in a country living incredible experiences. Countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are very popular destinations for these types of travelers.

You know why? In these countries, you will not only see landscapes worthy of a postcard. You will also be able to live, study and work in the same place. Indeed! The Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand visas allow you to study and work at the same time. So if you are looking for an unforgettable life, study, and work experience; these are the ideal places for you.

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Now that you’ve discovered what kind of traveler you are, why don’t you pack your suitcase? Go around the world and meet all types of travelers while you build memories that will last a lifetime. If you’d like to travel to Canada, Australia, Ireland, Malta, or New Zealand we offer you incredible experiences. We can give you all the advice and help you need to make your trip perfect from start to finish. Go for it!

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