Best Places to Work in Ireland | Cities with High Job Opportunities

Best Places to Work in Ireland | Cities with High Job Opportunities

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Looking for a destination that offers a brighter future is what most adults do. They would grab any chance to study and work abroad, like in Ireland. If you’re one of them, maybe you might want to know the best places to work in Ireland.

Ireland is one of the best countries to study abroad, and so is to work. It offers quality education, a progressive income tax system, and a fast-growing economy. As a result, you can find various best places to work in Ireland.

So, in this article, we’ll share some of the top cities you can work in Ireland. Also, we’ll give a list of the in-demand jobs in the city. If you wish to know what these are, scroll down to unlock the answers!

5 Best Places to Work in Ireland | The City Where you Should be


Ireland is famous for its marvelous views, both of the land and the sea. Rolling green hills and lush landscapes fill the country, giving vibrance to its natural beauty. Thus, Ireland has the nickname “The Emerald Isle.”

The country also offers quality life to anyone who wants to move to Ireland. It has an excellent education system, a safe environment, and friendly people. On top of this, there are many job opportunities in Ireland for everyone.

If you’re still undecided on which city you should be, we’ll give you some ideas. Now, here are the best places to work in Ireland.

Dublin | The Metropolitans


Dublin is the capital and largest city in Ireland. It’s a warm and welcoming city, known for the friendliness of its people. Hence, it’s one of the popular destinations for people who want to work in Ireland.

Moreover, Dublin is a global, entrepreneurial city with a bright future. People moved here to share the success that it made over the years. Hence, job opportunities continue to grow along with its economy.

Dublin is a business-friendly city, prioritizing competitiveness for decades. Regardless of your career path, you will benefit from working and living in Dublin. As a result, more people aim to find a job in this city.

So, here are some of the reasons why working in Dublin might be the right move for you:

  • the robust jobs market
  • world-leading business culture
  • multilingual culture

Limerick | The Treaty City


Indeed, Dublin is the mecca of business and professional productivity in Ireland. However, if you’re looking for an alternative city to work in Ireland, you can consider Limerick. So, what’s with Limerick?

Limerick is a growing city and offers job opportunities in Ireland. It has a vibrant, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere, suitable for ex-pats. Moreover, its ambiance encourages a healthy balance between work and leisure.

On top of this, Limerick has become an attraction for foreign investors. Hence, more companies are growing in the city, giving job opportunities to people in and outside Ireland. So, there are some of the reasons why Limerick is one of the best places to work in Ireland:

  • hotspot for job opportunities
  • high level of disposable income per capita
  • traffic is mild, and roads are accessible
  • a rich tradition of arts, music, literature, and culture

Cork | The Rebel County


Another great place to work in Ireland is the city of Cork. It’s known as the biggest county in Ireland in terms of size. Hence, many locals like to refer to it as the perfect capital of Ireland.

Cork is the second biggest city in the country. Thereby, there’s a significant economic performance in the region. And this brought job opportunities to everyone living in Cork as well as in other places.

On top of this, Cork has different career paths, which is a good indicator of a growing economy. Thus, anyone who wishes to work in the city has a chance to succeed in their profession. Now here are some of the reasons why Cork is one of the best places to work in Ireland:

  • blooming economy
  • low unemployment rate
  • competitive wages

Galway | The City of Tribes


Galway is one of the best places to work in Ireland. It’s the largest city in the west that offers a perfect mix of exciting life and beautiful scenery. Also, it’s known for its vibrant atmosphere created by the busy streets.

It’s the Cultural Heart of Ireland because of its association with the Irish language, music, and dance traditions. And no matter where you are in the city, there’s something for you to see. For instance, the coastline showcases cliffs and waves while the islands demonstrate the country’s history.

Galway features a very safe living environment. It has high ratings in business freedom, healthcare, and environmental quality. Therefore, living in Galway is one of the ideal decisions that you can do.

On top of this, Galway is attracting most of the largest companies globally. Also, it’s the most efficient Irish city in which to start a business. Consequently, more job opportunities are available each year as its economy continues to bloom.

Waterford | The Déise


The last destination on our list of the best places to work in Ireland is the city of Waterford. It has an abundance of world-class visitors attractions. Also, it’s a vibrant city center with dynamic nightlife and some exquisite dining experiences.

Waterford region offers a variety of choices for those seeking job opportunities. Most of them look for exciting and innovative companies where they can grow and develop holistically. However, other factors need some consideration before moving to a new city.

So, these include shorter commute times, affordable homes, and natural amenities. These factors are within your reach if you decide to find a job in Waterford. Hence, Waterford is one of the best places to work in Ireland.

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