Cities in Ireland | Best Destinations to Live and Study

Cities in Ireland | Best Destinations to Live and Study

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Ireland must be one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Not in vain is it called the Emerald Island for its mountains of intense green. Besides being a gorgeous country, it is a nation with excellent work and study opportunities. Therefore, many students decide to make their new home in one of the many cities in Ireland.

This article is perfect for you if you are looking to spend a season in this destination but are still undecided on where you’d like to establish your new life. Our team has prepared a selection of the main cities in Ireland for you. Here you can compare them and find the one that fits best with your interests and personality.

Cities in Ireland | Best Destinations to Live and Study

Without further due, let’s get to it with the most popular cities in Ireland among locals and foreigners alike. We suggest that before you make the big move, be sure to know all the details about living in Ireland.

1. Living in Dublin

Dublin is one of the top Cities in Ireland

  • Population : 553.165 inhabitants
  • Weather: oceanic
  • Lifestyle: stimulating
  • Geographic location: near the center of the east coast on the Irish sea

Considered as one of the most lively cities in Europe, Dublin is the capital of Ireland. While the cost of living is high, the excellent quality of life and well-paid employment are worth it. Along with an environment filled with history, culture, and festivities make it the ideal destination for international students.

If you are in love with cosmopolitan places and beer, Dublin is your city in Ireland. Around every corner, you’ll find museums, historical buildings, parks, leisure areas, and many, many pubs. Here, you can enjoy an ice-cold beer and an ambiance only the Irish can create.

Is Dublin your dream city? Then, check out the experiences we have designed in this destination!

2. Living in Cork

Cork is much cheaper than Dublin

  • Population: 125.622 inhabitants
  • Weather: temperate and changing with plenty of rain throughout the year
  • Lifestyle: lively and carefree
  • Geographic situation: just within the southwest coast of Ireland

Another city in Ireland where the locals are very happy is Cork. Compared to Dublin, the cost of living in this small metropolis is much lower, which will help you save many euros in accommodation and transportation.

Despite being a small city, Cork offers lots of things to do. Along the Lee river, you’ll find quite a variety of fashionable coffee shops, lively art galleries, museums, and, of course, plenty of pubs where you can enjoy a beer. Besides, you can move from one place to another without much trouble.

Don’t miss the opportunities that are waiting for you in Cork.

3. Living in Galway

Galway is filled with medieval streets

  • Population: 79.504 inhabitants
  • Weather: temperate and rainy
  • Lifestyle: relaxed and modern but filled with tradition
  • Geographic situation: on Ireland’s west coast, where river Corrib meets the Atlantic Ocean

When we talk about college cities in Ireland, Galway is the best exampleIt has all the perks and lifestyle you’ll find in other important Irish cities like Dublin and Cork but at a considerably lower cost. It makes it an excellent study destination.

Galway is a perfect mix between modernity and tradition. When you take a walk down its medieval-style streets, you’ll find shops, cafes, art galleries, and live folkloric Irish music coming from a lot of bars.

Excited about Galway? Discover what we have prepared for you in this city!

4. Living in Limerick

Limerick is one of the least known cities in Ireland

  • Population: 58.319 inhabitants
  • Weather: oceanic, temperate
  • Lifestyle: active
  • Geographic situation: in the province of Munster, west of the Irish Republic

Limerick is another one of the cities in Ireland known for its cheap but excellent lifestyle. Despite being a small city, this Irish corner is the favorite destination for students for being very accessible. Besides, it has a wide range of work opportunities since it is a port city.

Limerick’s signature is its ancient and traditional style. So if you have a passion for historic buildings, you’ll be the happiest here. Medieval cathedrals and georgian style houses coexist with cheerful markets and modern museums filled with local and international art. Don’t miss out! They are quite worth the visit.


How to choose the best cities in Ireland

Now that you know the main cities in Ireland, the time has come to pick one and begin your adventure. We know this is a difficult choice. So, we have some advice for you. Have a look!

  • Consider the cost of living. As you can see, some cities are more accessible than others. Choose wisely the one that best suits your budget.
  • Find the lifestyle that best goes with you. It doesn’t matter if you prefer lively big cities or small and peaceful ones, because Ireland has something for every taste.
  • Evaluate study opportunities. Ireland’s education system is excellent. Therefore, its study programs are quite complete. All you have to do is select the one for you.
  • Study the job market. We know that working is important to afford your stay. Choose a city with plenty of work opportunities. 

Oh, and one last piece of advice… Let us help you out! Here, at GrowPro Experience we offer you amazing work and study experiences throughout the best cities in Ireland. 

Discover here our experience catalog. There, you can select the one you like best and complete a form to get a precise quote.

Once you have your quotation in hand, we will advise you on visa application and all the necessary paperwork to travel to St. Patrick’s country. Also, if you would like to stay longer than your visa allows, we can help you! Check it out:

Don’t waste any more time. Go live your adventure in one of the Irish cities!

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