Studying In Galway | Your Experience Abroad in Ireland’s Best Student City

Studying In Galway | Your Experience Abroad in Ireland’s Best Student City

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Would you like to have the luck of the Irish to accompany you throughout your life? It’s as easy as getting the best education you can. And, for that, the Irish are at it again! Because studying in Galway is an ideal route to academic excellence. Besides, it is one of the most adventurous, cultural, and overall fantastic cities on Emerald Island.

Just picture this: you and Galway, surrounded by islands, cliffs, and greenery. What’s not to love?! The quality of life in Galway is, as you might expect, excellent. Plus, studying in some of the best schools in the country by day and party hard at legendary, epic pubs at night… Sounds like a plan?

Reasons for Studying in Galway

One of the main reasons for living and studying in Galway is that its lifestyle is ideal for young people. And, of course, this city has other qualities that attract students like pollen to bees. What might those be?

Among many, it is worth highlighting the quality of education, the affordable cost of living, and the beauty of the city. As you can see, Galway is a unique place. But don’t take our word for it! Join us and discover Galway’s top attractions.

Galway’s quality of life is excellent

The quality of life in Galway is excellent because the salaries are very high. In fact, Ireland offers some of the highest salaries in Europe. Besides, Galway is a very safe city. Being so small, everyone knows and takes care of each other. The only danger you might run into in Galway is having an accident, so be careful!

Furthermore, Galway has a high development rate. Therefore, Galway is one of the most important cities in Ireland. The technology industry, for example, is booming and attracts renowned international companies.

The hospitality industry, too, is very important. So, you’ll find numerous job openings with many hotels looking for qualified and inexperienced employees as well. If your plan is to work while studying abroad in Galway, you’re covered. Galway is a fashionable city and there is always something to see and do.

Education in Galway is accessible and of high quality

Over the years, Ireland has distinguished itself from other countries for 2 reasons. First, for the quality of its education: Ireland is a benchmark on the continent. Second, their study programs are excellent and quite accessible.

Also studying in Galway is cheaper than studying in Dublin. And, the cost of living in Galway is not very high. In fact, it is 30-40% lower than other cities in Ireland. Besides, everything is so close you won’t need extra transportation expenses while studying abroad in Galway.

Galway is a party town… with lots of culture

Galway is a city for all types of travelers. It has it all! There are parties for those who like to go out and plenty of activities for culture lovers.
In fact, Galway was named the European Capital of Culture 2020! Needless to say, it is a well-deserved title, because the best festivals in Ireland are organized here. Plus, numerous museums and monuments tell the history of Galway and Ireland.

Now, let’s talk about parties! The lifestyle in Galway is young, bohemian, laid-back, and fun. This city attracts tons of university students who provide a modern twist to traditional Galway.

That’s probably why the nightlife in Galway never stops! The classic Irish pubs open their doors early for you to enjoy the best beer. Oh, and for you to move your skeleton to the beat of the best live music too.

You’ll fall in love with the landscapes while studying in Galway

We are not joking when we say that Galway is one of the most beautiful cities in Ireland. Also, studying in Galway is your chance to take a trip through time. The buildings retain the characteristic Irish style and there are many monuments and historical buildings.

Furthermore, Galway is a city in harmony with nature. No matter where you look, you will find a beautiful blue sea bathed in sunshine. Oh, and let’s not forget the Cliffs of Moher, which are 2 hours away.

Believe us, this stop is a must while studying abroad in Galway. At 214 meters high, you have a million-dollar view of the bay. Also, in the area, there are many old castles that you can visit.

What to Study in Galway

Galway University

As if studying in Galway wasn’t good enough already, the academic offerings are vast! And, with so many schools, there are courses for all kinds of students and budgets too.  As we know that choosing a course is not easy, at GrowPro, we offer high-level programs that meet all your needs.

Study a Bachelor’s degree in Galway

Irish schools are among the best in the world. So, if you want to go pro, studying in Galway is an excellent choice. As we said, there are so many options that you will have a hard time choosing just one! But, if you are looking for a longer stay in the city, we suggest Architecture, Software Development or Civil Engineering. That’s because those are the best-paid jobs.

According to QS, Computing Science, Psychology, Nursing and Education are the branches where Galway excels. If those careers are not for you, don’t worry. There’s plenty of offers in other areas too. For example, we offer a Bachelor’s in Business in the city. Have a look!

Master’s Degrees in Galway

If your Bachelor’s degree is already in the bag, why not go eleven further? Broadening your education with a Master’s from a top university is the key to better opportunities and studying in Galway is a brilliant choice.

You can get one in almost any subject, from Education to Marine Biology. And, you could even become a master in Teaching English as a Second Language! That would open the door to living in many, many other countries. Now, that’s exciting.

Vocational courses

Last but not least, there’s vocational education. These are shorter courses aimed at learning specific skills. Those skills are precisely the ones you’ll need to find a good job in Galway and Ireland in general.

They are usually paired with professional practices. Skills, networking, and work experience in the country… Sounds like you’ll be doing much more than studying in Galway. 😉

Requirements for Studying in Galway

Studying in Galway you see the best landscapes

The requirements for studying in Galway depend on one thing: your nationality. Some students don’t even need a visa for studying in Ireland. Yes, it can be a bit confusing, but, we’ll go over this step by step.

Requirements for members of the European Union

Students from the European Union are in luck: they can study in Galway without a visa! They simply have to present a valid ID or passport at the airport. Plus, they can live in Ireland for as long as they want! Yes, we are not kidding. But there is something you need to keep in mind. If you want to live in Galway for more than 90 days, you have to prove that you can cover all your expenses.

Requirements for elsewhere in the world

For students from other countries, things change a bit. You’ll need a visa for studying in Galway. Well, not for everyone, there are some that only need a passport too! Check out the full list here.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you can just waltz in and study in Galway. You’ll have to get a 90-day permit at customs. And, if you want to stay longer, you’ll need an Irish Residence Permit.

How to Request a Visa for Studying in Galway


Do you need a visa? Relax. It’s not a difficult process. Besides, remember we can always lend you a hand with paperwork. The first thing you need to know is that you can live and study in Ireland with 2 types of visas.

Tourist Visit Visa (short stay)

The Visit Visa allows you to study in Galway for a maximum of 3 months. Besides, you can travel to other cities in Ireland if you wish. However, you are not authorized to work in Galway.

Study Visa

To enroll in a course of more than 90 days, you need a Study Visa. In this case, you do have the authorization to work 20 hours a week! Upon arrival in Ireland, follow these steps:

First, apply for an Irish Residence Permit. And inform the authorities that your stay lasts more than 90 days. Of course, do it in the time established by Immigration or you risk being expelled.

Second, your Study Visa is valid for 8 months and no more. However, you can renew it 2 times for a total of 2 years. The important thing is that you do it, maximum, 2 weeks before it expires.

Requirements to get a visa for studying in Galway

First and foremost, you have to make the request through the AVATS system. Then, you have to pay 60€. And then send the following documents to the corresponding office:

  • Printed and signed visa application.
  • Letter explaining why you want to study in Galway.
  • Proof of accommodation and another of acceptance issued by your school.
  • Certificate of contracting medical insurance.
  • Valid passport for at least 6 months after the expiration of your visa. Also, you must include a copy of your previous passports.
  • 2 passport size color photographs. On the back, write your name and visa application number.
  • Proof of sufficient funds.
  • Proof that when your visa expires, you will leave Galway.

Particular requirements for the Study Visa

In the case of a Study Visa, the requirements are basically the same. However, keep a few things in mind. You must follow these steps for your application to be successful.

  • Apply for your visa at least 3 months before your trip.
  • Your passport must be valid, at least, 12 months after your arrival.
  • Enroll in a course of at least 15 hours a week at a certified school.
  • Send the bank vouchers that certify the total or partial payment of the course.
  • Certify your English skills. The minimum level required is intermediate.

In theory, that’s it, but don’t settle for this information! Visit the official website of the Irish government and consult the sections on these visas for studying in Galway. The more you know the better!


Working and Studying in Galway

Alright, suppose you’re in Ireland, as soon as you arrive, you must run some errands. First of all, request your PPS Number, which, in a nutshell, is a social security number.
To do this, go to the nearest Social Security Office. Oh, and bring 2 identity documents and 2 residence documents with you. Depending on your nationality, they may ask you for some more papers So do your research before doing the procedure.

The PPS Number is essential! It makes it easier to get a job while studying in Galway. Besides, it gives you access to public health and social welfare services. Plus, it allows you to apply for a driver’s license and open a bank account. So, the hour-long line will be quite worth it, and soon, you will be able to work in Ireland.

Student Jobs in Galway

If you want to work while studying in Galway, the quickest and easiest way is to bet on student jobs. Don’t worry! You can earn very good money.

  • Waiter. In some pubs, you can work clearing tables or delivering food and drinks.
  • Dishwasher. This job is tough, but if you are not fluent in English, it is an option.
  • Bartender or barista. These jobs are great, but you need knowledge and experience. In some cases, even certifications.
  • Shop assistant in clothing or food stores. To get this job, English is a must. And maybe, even a bit of Irish.
  • Babysitter. Galivenses are looking for people to take care of their little ones and, in some cases, older people.

There are many other job opportunities in Galway, just be on the lookout.

Advice for Getting a Job in Galway

If you want to get a job while studying in Galway, you need attitude! Irish employers are looking for students with initiative and a willingness to work. However, we have other tips that may help you.

  • Prepare a good resume. Make sure you comply with the European or Irish standards.
  • Browse the various job boards. Check out: Gumtree, Jobs and Monster, and other websites.
  • Use the Irish Public Employment Service. Check their website or visit their offices.
  • Use your social networks. As weird as it sounds, you can promote yourself there.
  • Networking! Talk to your friends in Ireland and ask them to help you find a job. Oh, and attend job fairs.
  • Spread your resume on the streets. This good old method generally doesn’t fail.

Follow this advice and you’ll certainly find a job in Galway. Sure, it might be slow, but it will happen.

Studying in Galway with GrowPro

Go with growpro

Now that you know all about studying in Galway, remember you’re not alone. We can be there for you for the planning, the execution, and, yes, the parties! Also, as you know, we offer the best educational experiences in Galway.

Find the course you’d like in our search engine. Fill out a form, request a quote, and voilá! One of our Student Advisors will get in touch with you shortly. Let’s get on that plane!

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