Studying and Working in Malta | Enjoy the Coolest Island in the Mediterranean

Studying and Working in Malta | Enjoy the Coolest Island in the Mediterranean

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Have you grown bored and tired of the typical study and work destinations? Then, this is for you! Come to a European island filled with History and exoticism. Studying and Working in Malta is becoming a favorite of young travelers around the world. And, how couldn’t it?

Everything in Malta is just extraordinary. The island has a temple that has been conserved for over 3.700 years. This means it was already seven centuries-old when Stonehenge began construction. Can you believe it?! Malta is also home to Caravaggio’s masterpieceThe Beheading of St John the Baptist. This work is also the only one the artist signed throughout his life. He painted it during his stay on the island at the beginning of the 17th century. Let the place inspire you too!

With its amazing sights and outlandish environment, inspiration won’t be a problem. So come study and work and live in one of the most exciting countries in Europe! If you are not convinced yet, come along, we have many reasons for studying and working in Malta. And, if you are, stay with us! We will give you all the information and keys to make it happen ASAP. Let’s go!

Reasons for Working and Studying in Malta 

Living in Malta, at least for a season is an excellent decision, even when you put the pros and cons in the balance. First and foremost, you should know that Malta has 300 days of sunlight a year. It has marvelous weather, as long as you like tanned skin and heat. It is an island and, therefore, surrounded by water to play with. The beaches are small and tend to be very popular. 

On the other hand, Malta is just 18 miles long. So everything is nearby and you’ll be able to see the entire country in just a few weeks. Now, if you are a restless soul, maybe Malta is not good for you in the long run. But, it is still a fabulous option to visit and study for a while. 

And then, there’s its gastronomy. Maltese food is unique. The island has been conquered and inhabited by almost all of the great civilizations. From Greeks to the Romans, the French, and the British. Therefore, the culture, architecture and, particularly its gastronomy, are a mix you won’t find anywhere else. 

Regarding costs, it is hard to establish a precise cost of living in Malta. But one thing is certain: you can live quite well with about 500 to 700 euros per month. So, living in Malta requires less money than in other English speaking countries. And, that’s why the island’s student population and environment are growing. In fact, Malta has less than 500 thousand inhabitants, but, the constant flow of students keeps the beaches full and the nightlife active and fit for low budgets

What can you study in Malta?

There are many options when it comes to studying in Malta. In fact, Malta has a wide and quality university offer. The academic offering includes hundreds of vocational courses (VETs), bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English at the University of Malta (one of the oldest in the world), Middlesex University, and the Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology (MCAST).

So, for example, you can do a VET on Hospitality, Health, and Social Care, Agribusiness, or Engineering and Information Technologies, And you can even practice an apprenticeship here!

Or, you can go all the way and study for a Bachelor’s degree. You can choose IT and Computer Sciences. Arts and Media, or Engineering and Technology. And all this in gorgeous buildings and a lively, youthful environment. 

Requirements for studying in Malta

To study in Malta you will most likely need a visa. Here’s how it works:

If you have European citizenship and want to stay in Malta for more than 3 months, you will have to register as a Resident. To do this, you must process the e-Residence Card. Once you get a job, it will be time to sign up for Maltese Social Security.

If you are coming to Malta from outside of the European Union, the process is a bit longer. You need to do a course lasting more than 90 days. This way you can have access to a student visa. Anyway, that visa is processed once you are in Malta, so you must enter the country as a tourist. The thing is, Malta does not have embassies in many countries, so there’s no other way to process visa applications. 

Keep in mind that Malta belongs to the Schengen area. So if you are coming from any of these countries, you will need a tourist visa first. 

Once in Malta, you have 90 days to apply for a student visa. Which is valid for a maximum of one year. Its basic requirements are:

  • Have a valid passport.
  • Hire international medical insurance.
  • Present proof that you have enrolled in a Maltese educational establishment.
  • Rental contract.
  • Proof that you have financial funds to cover your expenses.

Once you have your student visa, you must register Jobsplus, an official employment agency. Here, you can look for work. After obtaining it, you’ll only need to process a work permit and an employment license. Now you have everything ready to study and work  in Malta for up to 20 hours per week.

5 Steps for Studying and Working in Malta

So, you’ve decided Malta is indeed your dream destination. You’ll study, work and make new friends here. Why not?! You’re already halfway there and nothing can stop you. Now, it is only a matter of solving a few details. Let’s go through them step by step. Shall we?

1. Decide what you’d like to study

We already mentioned you have so many options in vocational courses and Bachelor’s degrees. Your choice will depend on what your objective is, in addition to your possibilities in time and money.

The truth is that many international students choose to study in Malta. The offer of courses is super varied. So, you only have to decide: what course will launch your adventure of studying in Malta?


2. Choose a city

Every city in Malta is more beautiful than the last. Their architecture is always unique. And they are true archaeological jewels. The capital is Valletta and it is the first option for most. 

However, there are other legendary spots like Mdina. Anyway, don’t forget that in Malta, everything is nearby. You’ll be amazed at how one day is enough to go from one corner of the island to the other. 

3. Enroll in a school

You already know what to study and where. Now it is a matter of choosing the best school to study in Malta. Prioritize schools with a track record, good references, and courses with few students.

Finally, you must check that it is a school authorized by the Government. Because with that registration you must apply for the visa. Don’t forget!

Here at GrowPro, we have study experiences for you in this wonderful country. Check them out and get your personalized budget!

4. Buy your tickets and get the Visa

As you should know, it is better to buy plane tickets quite in advance. That way you can get good prices. Besides, it is usually better to do the flight combinations on your own.

As for the visa, as we said, you might need a tourist visa. Once in Malta, you must apply for a student visa. If you need help with this step, keep reading because at GrowPro we can help you.

5. Pack your bags

We are at the point where you must decide what to take with you on your adventure. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and suntan lotion. Sandals, shorts, some cotton t-shirts. And, most importantly really wanting to have fun. You won’t need anything else for studying and working in Malta. 

Studying and Working in Malta with GrowPro

Go to Malta with GrowPro

To be totally frank, studying and working in Malta has its complications. As we told you, the best option is to go as a tourist and, on the island, apply for a student visa. Also, the island is very small, so finding accommodation in high season is not always possible.

It is understandable since it is not a mainstream destination like Canada or New ZealandMalta is only for the more adventurous and wild, who enjoy getting off the highways and exploring alternative roads.

That’s why at GrowPro we are so happy to have included Malta among our destinations. The potential it has is obvious. It is not yet one of the most chosen, but that is likely to change soon.

If you want us to help you start your adventure, choose your experience, fill out the form, and one of our Student Advisors will contact you shortly. We have a team that will advise you on courses, accommodations, and visas.

We have alliances with institutes, so we get special discounts. That means that our service is completely free for you. That’s right, it will cost you the same to travel with our help than to organize everything on your own.

What are you waiting for you?


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Charlotte Koks

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