Why Study in Malta | The Advantages in the Island Country

Why Study in Malta | The Advantages in the Island Country

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Are you looking for another destination to study abroad for international students? How about choosing an island country in the central Mediterranean Sea called Malta? Perhaps you want some ideas regarding why study in Malta.

Malta is one of the peaceful nations globally and has an ideal environment for international students. Also, it offers an excellent standard of education and great opportunities. As a result, more students want to study in Malta.

On top of this, the country has a low cost of living compared to the rest of Europe. Hence, it’s a perfect choice for international students with a tight budget. We still have more reasons to study in Malta, so keep reading!

Top Reasons to Study in Malta | What Does it Have to Offer?


Malta is a beautiful place to live, work, and study. Also, the country offers exciting things to do and stunning landscapes to see. Under the scorching sunshine, you can enjoy the view of hilltop towns, seaports, old fishing villages, and natural attractions.

In addition, the Maltese are warm, friendly, and helpful people. They are also very welcoming to foreign visitors, including students who study in Malta. And according to the 2019 Global Wealth Migration Review, Malta ranked the second safest country worldwide

From its stunning scenery to its hospitable people, Malta indeed is something. Moreover, it still has more reasons to convince you why Malta is a good choice. So, here is our list of advantages you can get if you decide to study in Malta.

English is an Official National Language

It’s a fact that English is the universal language. However, there are still countries that don’t use it pretty much. That would be challenging, especially for those who will study abroad. Therefore, if you move to study in Malta, you won’t have to face this problem.

Malta has two official languages: Maltese and English. The establishment of the English language resulted from the influence of the British Empire. As a result, Malta is currently one of the prominent destinations to study English abroad.

The Country is a Member of the European Union

Malta has been a part of the European Union since 2004. And it has the most significant number of English speakers outside of Britain and Ireland. Hence, it’s one of the reasons why you should consider studying in Malta.

Moreover, its position in the Mediterranean Sea puts it hours away from other European countries. If you study in Malta, you can travel freely through the 28 European Union states at low prices. So, here are some of the cities you can visit if you live in Malta:

  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Paris
  • Madrid
  • Athens

It Has a High-quality Education

Malta’s education system is favorable to international students because of its quality education. On top of this, they can stay in the country to work after graduation. More opportunities are waiting after finishing a course in Malta.

In addition, Malta has some of the best institutions for higher learning. The presence of international schools in the country paves the way to more students to study in Malta. Not to mention the various courses and programs they offer them.

So, these are some of the best institutions that you can choose from if you study in Malta:

  • University of Malta
  • Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology
  • London School of Commerce Malta
  • Saint Martin’s Institute of Information Technology
  • The Queen Mary University of London in Malta

Malta is Extremely Economical


Malta is one of the best countries to study abroad. Unlike other English-speaking countries, it’s affordable to live and study in Malta. However, the cost of living can differ depending on your lifestyle and where you choose to stay.

Generally, the expenses run low on the island. Prices of accommodation and food are affordable, and students get special deals. Indeed, it’s good news for those who wish to study in Malta.

Malta Has a Perfect Climate

Another great reason to study in Malta is its summery climate. It is privileged to have approximately 300 sunny days in a year. Hence, during your stay in Malta, you can enjoy visiting different places because of the fine weather. 

It is possible to experience the beauty of Malta in any season. However, the most pleasant months to do exciting activities are May, June, September, and October. Some of the best things you can do in these times are diving, fishing, horse riding, and more.

Students Are From All Over the World


If you want to live in Europe for education, studying in Malta is a perfect choice. First, it’s the only English-speaking country in the European Union outside the UK and Ireland. Second, various students from different sides of the world are here already.

Therefore, making friends in Malta will be easier for you. With the help of other international students, you can eventually adjust to your new environment. Consequently, Malta will turn out to be your second home.

European Capital of Culture

In 2018, Malta received the title of the European Capital of Culture. Hundreds of international events and activities will take place, specifically in Valletta. Hence, you can enjoy artistic performances, like contemporary arts, music festivals, and film shows.

These are some of the various things you can experience if you study in Malta. And there’s still more to explore and discover in the island country. Nonetheless, learning its culture is something you shouldn’t miss. 

Breathtaking Places and Landscapes


From the stunning seascapes to lush green valleys, there is so much to see on the island of Malta. Whether you explore the vastness of the sea or discover breathtaking landscapes, Malta has it all. Hence, you can enjoy your stay while studying in Malta.

Moreover, Malta is known for its medieval cities and landscapes. As a result, several filmmakers chose some areas in Malta as one of the settings in the film. Some famous movies include Gladiator, Troy, and even the most viewed TV series, The Game of Thrones.

Now, here are some of the top-rated tourist attractions that you can visit if you study in Malta:

  • Valletta: Malta’s Elegant Capital
  • The Idyllic Island of Gozo
  • The Medieval Hilltop Town of Mdina
  • Historical Attractions in Rabat
  • Prehistoric Tarxien Temples

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