Most Demanded Jobs in Canada | Discover the Ideal Work for You in 2022

Most Demanded Jobs in Canada | Discover the Ideal Work for You in 2022

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Canada has always been a top destination for international students and immigrants. People from different places seek a better future in this country. With its opportunities from studies to jobs, many want to know the most demanded jobs in Canada.

Some of the lists of the most demanded jobs in Canada have been consistent for years. Thus, preparing for a relevant career path isn’t a problem with the help of staffing agents. You have to figure out which among the fields you want to take.

The options are yours to decide whether you prefer something of your choice or those with high pay. So, we’ll help you choose by giving you the in-demand jobs in Canada in 2022. If you want to reveal them, keep scrolling!

The Most Demanded Jobs in Canada in 2022 | Find your Future Career


There are different roles you can choose from if you work in Canada. You can have skilled jobs like truck drivers, welders, etc. On the other hand, you can go for a project manager or human resource manager for the administrative field.

The good news is there are many job opportunities wherever you want to work in Canada. Therefore, any province or city in the country offers a quality of life to its people. And whatever career path you take, there are job openings available for you.

Now here are the most in-demand jobs in Canada:

Web Developer

One of the most demanded jobs in Canada is Web Developer. The job specializes in the development of World Wide Web (WWW) applications. Moreover, they plan and construct the layout of a website and make it look attractive to visitors.

If you’re a techy person, this job in Canada is perfect for you. However, employees would prefer candidates possessing a bachelor’s degree in the related field. So, if you have plans to study in Canada, consider taking a computer science course.

Web developers in Canada have an average salary of 69,305 CAD. The following are the requirements needed to apply for the job:

  • bachelor’s degree in computer science, or completion of a college program in graphic arts or web design
  • experience as a computer programmer or graphic designer

Human Resources (HR) Managers

Another exceptional work in Canada that pays well is Human Resources (HR) Manager. Any company needs an HR, whether it’s small or big. The role of this job revolves around communicating with employees and developing the organization’s culture.

Human resources managers are responsible for recruiting talents to work in Canada. Also, they evaluate the performance and behavior of employees per company policy. Thus, they ensure that everyone is mentally and emotionally fit for the company.

The average salary of human resources managers is 89,003 CAD. The following are the requirements for this position:

  • bachelor’s degree in human resources, business, communications, or other related fields
  • Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation (preferably)

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers play a vital role in the modern economy. Since technology nowadays needs electricity, it’s one of the in-demand jobs in Canada. However, there are some qualities that a company would prefer, like concentration and initiative.

The average salary of an electrical engineer is 91,832 CAD. In no doubt, the job could be risky and needs good thinking for planning. So here are the requirements if you want to work in Canada as an electrical engineer:

  • bachelor’s degree in electrical or electronics engineering
  • master’s or doctoral degree in a related engineering discipline
  • licensing by a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers

Veterinarians (Vet)


People are so fond of having pets in their homes, and they love them. Some would prefer dogs, while others like cats more. Hence, Veterinarian is one of the most demanded jobs in Canada.

Vets in Canada are required to have a degree from a veterinary school. Also, you need to have a license from the regulatory body within the provinces/territories. Thus, this kind of work in Canada holds a high standard and nasty competition.

The average salary of vets in Canada is 95,804 CAD. The following are employment requirements for the job:

  • two years of pre-veterinary university studies
  • four to five years degree in veterinary medicine
  • completion of national certification
  • provincial license to practice

Financial Advisor

If you’re good at handling finances, you can work in Canada as Financial Advisor. The role of this job doesn’t focus only on managing the client’s investments. It also covers budgeting guidance and estate planning.

People nowadays have learned the value of saving money. However, they still need a professional guide on how and where to use their funds. Hence, financial advisors have made it to the most demanded jobs in Canada.

The average salary of a financial advisor is 62,971 CAD. If you wish to apply for this job, these are some of the requirements needed:

  • bachelor’s degree in business administration, commerce, or economics
  • training programs and courses by financial institutes and organizations
  • designation Personal Financial Planner

Registered Nurse (RN)

Canada is known to have the best healthcare system in the world. And it’s no surprise if Canadians are eager to have themselves checked from time to time. Because of that, registered nurses are in-demand for work in Canada.

However, there has been a decline in the number of nurses that work in Canada. As a result, the government has developed work permits and immigration programs. These will allow foreign workers to obtain their permanent residency status in Canada.

Registered nurses have an average salary of 77,603 CAD. The following are what you need to get this job:

  • completion of a university, college, or other approved registered nursing program
  • additional academic training or experience
  • master’s or doctoral degree in nursing (preferably)
  • registration with a regulatory body in all provinces and territories

University Professor

Knowledge is an essential aspect of people’s lives. It serves as their weapon or tool to survive in this uncertain world. That’s why every country cultivates education for the benefit of its citizen.

Canada did their best to give its people the quality education they deserve. As a result, they ranked 4th in The 2021 Best Countries for Education. Thus, qualified university professors are in-demand for work in Canada to continue its good standing in world education.

Anyone can teach, but not everyone can surpass the standard to become a professor. That’s why the average salary of a professor is 100,300 CAD. So, here are some of the requirements needed if you want to be a university professor:

  • doctoral degree in the field of specialization
  • master’s degree in the field of specialization
  • licenses or professional certification
  • five years of relevant work experience

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Canada offers excellent choices when it comes to working. The country has various opportunities in different aspects, making the people’s lives even better. So, prepare and plan your moves as you get one of the most demanded jobs in Canada.

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