10 Best Countries to Migrate in 2024

10 Best Countries to Migrate in 2024

Tatiana Forero Rubiano
Tatiana Forero Rubiano

Do you have plans to study abroad or start history in another country, but you can’t decide on a specific destination? Don’t give up on your goal! Here we share with you our top 10 best countries to migrate.

Well… let’s get to it!

10 best countries to migrate in 2024

Before starting with our list, we would like to tell you that this selection is not only based on the quality of life, but we also consider aspects such as economic stability, the health system, the quality of education, job opportunities, and the climate.

So, if you want to study and work abroad for a while, these are 10 destinations to keep in mind. So you can get a change of scenery and boost your resume in a big way. Here we go!

1. Australia: The island of adventure awaits you


Australia is the favorite country of many young people for being the temple of adventure, beaches, and surfing. It is a challenge being so far away, but at the same time is an opportunity to grow in the case of the many boys and girls who are encouraged each year to study and work in this destination.

The educational and employment offer is open to the international public that, in addition to studying English, is looking for personal and professional growth without sacrificing the casual lifestyle that characterizes the Aussies.

When it comes to welcoming you, Australia is in the top 5 for immigrant acceptance, according to the latest Gallup polls.

2. Malta: A country to migrate to near the Mediterranean Sea


Malta has also earned its place as one of the best countries to migrate to. In addition to its climate and incredible tourist attractions, it is also home to English language schools in cities such as Mdina, La Veleta, and St. Julian’s.

Studying and working in Malta can be the perfect pretext to migrate and get to know closely the mystical traditions of this country. Also, many countries don’t require a visa to enter the country.

3. Canada: The best country to migrate to as a student


The second-largest country in the world has a lot to offer to foreign students eager to move to Canada. There are many advantages of living in Canada, among them the high quality of education, the very low rate of violence, and, above all, the best immigration policies that encourage the entry of young people in search of a better future.

These policies were instituted in the 1970s and continue to this day. In fact, in Gallup’s Immigrant Acceptance Index, it tops the top 10. One of the best ways to migrate to Canada is as a student. Once there, you can extend your stay by renewing your visa.

And about its cities, did you know that Vancouver is one of the top 5 cities to live in? In addition, you have Toronto, Montreal, and Whistler, if you are a lover of adventure and extreme sports, there is room for you in the land of Niagara Falls!

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4. New Zealand: A movie adventure


New Zealand may be small in territory, but it is a giant in progress. Did you know that it was the first country in the world to introduce women’s suffrage? Without a doubt, New Zealand is one of the best countries to migrate to. It is also one of the ideal destinations to study English and work for those who are also looking for adventure.

For the latter, national parks with lakes and natural monuments, such as Mount Cook, are the favorite places to enjoy the Kiwi natural beauty. The relaxed and tranquil lifestyle is also attractive, and we cannot fail to mention the Lord of the Rings route for fans of the saga.

You can also live in New Zealand as a student and extend your stay indefinitely to continue exploring the wonders of the Kiwi country.

5. Ireland: Move to the land of the Celts and Vikings


Ireland, the magical land of St. Patrick, leprechauns, and lucky shamrocks, is the epicenter of study and work opportunities in Europe. Major multinationals such as Facebook and Apple have their European headquarters in Ireland.

In addition, to study and work here is to be surrounded by the friendliest people to practice and improve your English.

Dublin’s bars are a favorite to meet new people, but also those of Cork and Galway, its other main cities. There are many attractions to visit in Ireland. Its mythical tradition, breathable in every corner of its streets, is also a strong attraction, in addition to its economic and social development.

An important fact is its high environmental awareness (its EPI score is 72.8), being one of the green countries with measures worthy of imitation such as the fuel tax and the promotion of cycling. In addition, Ireland’s climate is ideal for those who prefer a middle ground, without extremes.

6. United Kingdom: The country to migrate to and learn English


With a strong economy, a lower cost of living than North America by a difference of 5.9%, and one of the most democratic states (8.28 out of 10 according to The Economist’s Democracy Index 2022), it becomes another favorite and trusted country to migrate to.

To migrate to the United Kingdom is to be surrounded by a multiculturalism that few countries can boast. London, its capital, is an example of par excellence. Its cultural influence is undeniable, as is its high level of business development, which opens the doors to many foreigners.

7. Norway: The country with the best quality of life


Norway has practically everything in its favor. From the health system to the average life expectancy of the inhabitants (82.4 years) and the highest per capita income, all recognized and applauded by the UN, since in the Human Development Index it ranks second in the world.

10.4% of its GDP goes to public health. In addition, it is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, with a violence rate of less than 1% per 100,000 inhabitants. In addition, Oslo is one of the sustainable cities with the best ecological performance.

Did you know that...

Half of the energy consumed in Norway comes from renewable sources? Not to mention the enchanting winter landscapes.

8. Japan: Emigrate and get to know its millenary culture up close


While it is a paradise for sushi and manga lovers, Japan is one of the best countries to migrate to for many factors, including its tourist attractions, rich culture, and peculiar customs.

Beyond this, its economic development is indisputable, which has become synonymous with many opportunities for those who dare to move to the Japanese island.

Did you know that Japan is the third world power? Spending Christmas in Japan or witnessing any of its festivals will make you connect immediately with the deep spirituality that characterizes its inhabitants.

Undoubtedly, to live in any of Japan’s cities is to be part of the perfect combination of modernity and oriental tradition par excellence.

9. Germany: Migrate to one of the world’s major powers


Berlin is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, according to experienced travelers who have been able to spend a few days in the German capital.

The truth is that the attractions of Germany are many more and we are not only talking about tourist sites. The solid economy and undisputed development make the country of the Oktoberfest one of the greatest world powers.

Language may be an obstacle, but it is not necessarily so. Programs to study in Germany are also designed in English to integrate international students.

In addition, job opportunities and a high sense of democracy (ranked 13th in the world, according to The Economist) are also the country’s strongest points.

10. Spain: Migrate without changing language


Living in Spain is also a smart decision for those looking to move abroad without the language being an obstacle. We don’t deny the importance of studying English, but the quality of life in Spain, including the healthcare system, and economic and work opportunities, are very positive factors if you are a foreigner.

To this, we must add the great educational quality that is open to international students who come to its main cities, such as Madrid, the capital, and Barcelona, another of the most beautiful cities in the world, along with Berlin.

The gastronomy, tradition, and resources make it another of the best countries to migrate to; besides, we know Spain very well and we can help you find your ideal destination.

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One of the most practical and profitable ways to move to any of these 10 best countries to migrate to is as a student. Do you know why?

Traveling as a student you can not only discover new places, make friends from all over the world, and open your mind. You also have the opportunity to train professionally and work to pay for your stay, and some of the destinations we have presented to you are part of GrowPro’s offer!

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