10 Business Careers to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

10 Business Careers to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Tatiana Forero Rubiano
Tatiana Forero Rubiano

The business world is as exciting as it is broad. And if you want to follow your vocation, but still can’t decide which path to take in this field, here are the 10 most popular business careers today.

Constant evolution is one of the main advantages of this profession. But so are good salaries and high demand. On the other hand, if you have an aptitude for leadership, organization, and strategy, then you just need a little push to make a match.

Want to learn more about the best business careers? Settle in, scroll down, and choose the one that best fits your profile.

10 business careers to manage and lead companies

Talking about business careers is very generic since many specialties insert you into the commercial world to make a living from what you are passionate about.

So, it’s time to dig a little deeper to find out what each of them consists of, what is the specific area where you will get a job, what are the advantages (and disadvantages, because everything has to be said), and how well it is earned.

For salaries, we refer to PayScale and Indeed data in representative countries, such as Ireland in Europe and Canada in the Americas. Please note that they may vary over time and will ultimately depend on your experience, the position you hold, and the country where you work.

With that being said, let’s dive right in.

1. Foreign Trade and Customs

Foreign Trade is a technical-level profession that offers swift career opportunities, particularly in customs entities. Its primary role involves handling operations associated with imports and exports, making it a quick and valuable choice for those interested in business careers.

In international business careers, you can help companies move goods between countries. However, challenges in this job include dealing with changing prices, sorting out logistics problems, and getting good at English for opportunities to work abroad.

On average, a foreign trade agent in Canada earns CAD 37,000 per year.


2. Business Management and Administration

Among all business careers, this one is the most sought-after because it’s the most comprehensive. When you study Business Administration, you learn the tools and knowledge to organize a company’s resources (money, materials, and people) and successfully reach its business goals.

Additionally, as a professional in this field, you will also have the complete ability to start your own business, establish your own company, and make it perform at its best. Alternatively, you can choose to work in consulting for big companies if you prefer.

Graduates in Business Administration receive an approximate annual salary of EUR 32,500 in an entry-level position.

3. Digital Marketing

If you’re into strategy and want the best business results, consider studying Digital Marketing. This is one of the business careers that has grown stronger in the digital age, moving away from traditional methods due to the internet being a powerful sales tool.

As a Digital Marketing graduate, you’ll craft strategies, research the market, and develop new communications for products and services. You can also work independently, join an agency, or take charge of the marketing department in a company.

A professional with a degree in Digital Marketing earns approximately 35,400 EUR per year and is among the highest-paid careers today.

4. Advertising

This profession is closely connected to the previous one in business careers. A good product or service needs to be known to sell. This is where the advertising departments put the marketing strategies into action.

Advertisers also have an artistic side, as it takes a lot of creativity and understanding of the audience to convey what’s being offered in a way that meets the client’s goals. If you’re seeking inspiration, check out the advertising pieces that won at Cannes Lions – they can provide a lot of ideas.

Just be aware of the part that’s not in the brochure. Advertising agencies are often seen as working under constant rush and stress. So, if handling pressure is not a problem for you, go for it!

Advertising professionals earn around 35,000 EUR per year.

5. Human Resources

Business and work involve more than just numbers and accounts; it’s about people. That’s why Human Resources professionals play a crucial role in growing companies that are hiring more staff.

Those in charge of this area mainly work to take care of employees and make sure everyone follows the company rules. So, if you’re into business but also care about people, this is the business career where you’ll shine.

HR professionals earn an average of 47,000 EUR according to PayScale. This depends on the position you hold (assistant, coordinator, manager).


6. Commercial Engineering

Among the many engineering types, we’re especially interested in commercial engineering because it’s directly linked to business careers. What does a commercial engineer do? They handle solving and preventing problems in business activities, starting from planning to selling goods and services.

These professionals mainly work in government institutions or educational centers, where a mix of business, science, social understanding, and a systematic approach is essential for making the right decisions. If this kind of work appeals to you, then this career is a good fit.

Commercial engineers earn around 40,000 per year.

7. International Business

Another top business career in this field is International Business Administration. The training in this area helps professionals build connections with other countries in business and finance and explore new markets overseas.

The work of graduates in International Business goes hand in hand with customs agents because imports and exports are also the main subject of their activity. Therefore, if your ambition is to work abroad, this career will suit you.

After studying International Business, professionals earn annually from 55,500 EUR.


8. Accounting and Finance

This is one of the business careers that has remained relevant throughout history. Every business, large or small, needs accountants and financial advisors to manage cash flow, banking transactions, auditing, and budgeting.

Likewise, part of the functions of the accounting professional is to ensure proper compliance with the tax laws of each country. Therefore, the work field of accountants and financial advisors includes both private companies and governmental tax administration entities.

The downside of this career is that, due to the large number of students, competition is also high.

Accountants earn a base salary of EUR 25,000 per year.


9. Real Estate

The global real estate boom is undeniable. While buying and selling real estate is not new, it is a booming business career today. Real estate agents engage in trading and renting houses, premises, land, or buildings.

In this field, professionals in this business career can specialize as residential appraisers, commercial appraisers, real estate agents, or even notaries. However, the last one requires a different type of training.

The downside: the boom didn’t occur by chance and professionals sustain it through intense commercial and strategic activities, requiring a lot of skill and energy.

A real estate agent earns about EUR 44,000 annually.

10. Information Technology

You may be wondering if IT (Information Technology) is a business-related career, as it is more of a STEM discipline. Yes, it is, but as you may have suspected, technology connects it. And we’re not just talking about the IT departments of large companies.

Small businesses or startups also hire freelance IT specialists to develop systems or applications and drive sales through e-commerce. Therefore, a passion for technology with a commercial focus is ideal for pursuing this profession. It is undoubtedly one of the business careers with guaranteed job opportunities today.

Information Technology professionals can be systems or software engineers, developers, programmers, and even UX designers. Depending on this, the salary varies between 60,000 and 65,000 EUR per year, according to Indeed Ireland.

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