The World’s Top 15 High-paying Careers to Study at University

The World’s Top 15 High-paying Careers to Study at University

Tatiana Forero Rubiano
Tatiana Forero Rubiano

We cannot deny that, in addition to vocation, the economic factor is very important when choosing a University professional career. If what we like aligns with one of the high-paying careers in the world in 2024, it is the best match!

On this occasion, we have compiled a list of the 15 high-paying careers currently offering the best remuneration. Check them out below!

*Disclaimer: All salaries are for reference, expressed in USD, and may vary over time.

The 15 best high-paying careers after University

For this compilation of the best high-paying careers after university, we have consulted various sources including PayScale, Indeed, and Glassdoor. These platforms specialize in analyzing data related to job offers, salaries, and employment opportunities within the diverse professions currently available in higher education institutions worldwide.

That said, here are the top 10 highest-paying college majors.

1. Systems Engineering

Today, computing is the nervous system of world production. For this reason, professionals in this discipline are essential. A systems engineer is in charge of designing computer programs applied to different areas of knowledge, with the help of mathematical and technological concepts.

The field of Systems Engineering offers diverse opportunities, as specialists in this domain are in demand not only in the electronics and telecommunications sector but also in various other areas that utilize their computer systems. Explore the best-paying jobs in Systems Engineering across these diverse sectors.

Salaries for recent Systems Engineering graduates range from $77,000 to $80,000 per year.

2. Computer Science

If Systems Engineering develops software, the work of computer scientists precedes that of engineers. Computer Science consists of research for the development of software and hardware.

Its application spans various fields, including artificial intelligence, scientific computing, networking, and the architecture of new electronic computing equipment, making it a versatile discipline. If you are passionate about research and mathematical computations, then pursuing this field can lead to high-paying careers.

This major stands out as one of the best-paying majors in college today. According to PayScale, a recent graduate can potentially secure one of the best-paying jobs with earnings starting at $75,000 per year. Explore the lucrative opportunities within this high-earning college major.

3. Chemical Engineering

If you’re curious about the role of a chemical engineer, simply glance at the packaged foods you consume, along with medicines and cleaning products. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of industrial and household products, making it one of the high-paying careers vital for our modern existence.

Therefore, chemical engineering stands out as another of the best-paying jobs, considering that our ability to navigate the challenges of this contemporary world is closely tied to their contributions.

Recent graduates in chemical engineering can potentially secure best-paying jobs with an income averaging around $80,000 per year. The specific salary may vary based on the country and the hiring company, emphasizing the lucrative prospects associated with this high-paying career.


4. Petroleum Engineering

The oil industry commands substantial financial transactions, to speak frankly. It’s no coincidence that Petroleum Engineering stands out as one of the best-paying university careers globally. Despite advancements in ecological awareness, fossil fuels retain significant importance in powering various machinery.

For individuals entering this field, a petroleum engineer making a start can expect to earn approximately $93,000 per year, as per PayScale data. This highlights the industry’s commitment to offering high-paying careers right from the beginning of one’s professional journey.

5. Economy

Economics is regarded as one of the best careers, offering timeless insights into understanding various social phenomena. Its utility and relevance persist alongside the progress of humanity. Economics operates at both micro and macro levels, addressing both individual and national contexts. Essential components of this field include analysis, research, and practical application.

Graduation from this career leads to some of the best-paying jobs. Recent graduates from economics schools can anticipate an annual salary ranging between $60,000 and $70,000, depending on the context. This salary range emphasizes the potential for high-paying careers in the field of economics.

6. International Business

International Business stands out as another high-paying major in college, and it’s undeniably compelling. Pursuing a profession in this field provides numerous advantages, including the opportunity to establish connections with other countries, acquire knowledge about diverse cultures, and attain a professional reach on a global scale.

These activities contribute to the allure of International Business as one of the best-paying jobs for individuals seeking a dynamic and globally-oriented career.

For a graduate in International Business, the journey begins with an annual salary starting at $54,000, marking the initiation of potential high-paying careers in this lucrative and expansive field.

7. Marketing

Marketing is a dynamic career always adapting to new times, with business strategies serving as the raw material for this profession. The field consistently seeks students with a passion for goal-oriented creativity, positioning itself as one of the paths to high-paying careers in the contemporary job market.

Studying Marketing equips professionals to design and supervise the production chain of new products and services. This involves creative concept development, analysis, segmentation for commercialization, distribution, and strategic communication.

The versatility of this career path is one of its key strengths, offering various and often cost-effective avenues such as short courses, diploma programs, or certifications, making it accessible to those aspiring to secure one of the best-paying jobs.

Recent graduates in Marketing can expect to earn annual salaries ranging from $51,000 to $96,000, contingent on factors such as the position, experience, and the location where they secure a job. This earning range underscores the potential for high-paying careers within the diverse and ever-evolving field of Marketing.


8. Dentistry and Orthodontics

Unlike in the 90s, wearing braces has become a commonplace and well-appreciated practice. This shift has contributed to the rise in the number of professionals in Dentistry and Orthodontics, leveraging the specialty’s popularity to become one of the best-paid university careers in the present job market.

Professionals in this field typically initiate their careers with an annual salary of about $72,000, a promising figure that varies based on the country and the skills possessed by the graduate. This salary range illustrates the potential for individuals in Dentistry and Orthodontics to embark on high-paying careers from the outset of their professional journey.

9. Pharmacy

The pharmaceutical industry is a heavyweight and we have seen this in the Covid pandemic. Healthcare personnel in this area are also in high demand for best-paying jobs.

Pharmacy graduates earn approximately $68,000 per year, according to PayScale data. Their profession goes hand in hand with Medicine and Chemical Engineering, the latter described above.

10. Civil Engineering

As observed thus far, the STEM specialties dominate this list of the best-paid university careers. The construction industry, particularly amid a global real estate boom, follows closely in the lineup.

According to Fortune, junior civil engineers can expect to earn approximately $63,000 per year. For those with more experience, Indeed reports that senior engineers can command an annual salary of around $85,000. These salary figures underscore the potential for individuals in Engineering to pursue high-paying careers, particularly within the dynamic realm of civil engineering and construction.

11. Electrical Engineering

Continuing within the realm of Engineering, the focus shifts to the branch applied to the field of electricity. An electrical engineer is tasked with designing and developing the manufacture of new electrical devices, catering to both industrial and domestic usage.

Given the requisite scientific and safety knowledge, this specialization stands out as another of the best-paid university careers within the engineering domain.

Professionals specializing in electrical engineering typically command annual salaries ranging between $70,000 and $80,000. These figures highlight the potential for individuals in this field to pursue high-paying careers, emphasizing the intersection of expertise and earning potential in electrical engineering.

12. Accounting

For individuals who consider numbers a way of life, a career in accounting proves to be an ideal path. Accountants, as university professionals, specialize in managing budgets, overseeing banking operations, monitoring cash flow, and handling the accounts of companies across various sectors.

Their meticulous work is conducted in strict adherence to the laws of each country, and they possess comprehensive knowledge of tax regulations, expanding the scope of their expertise to governmental entities. Accounting emerges as one of the best-paying jobs, offering professionals a dynamic and vital role in the financial operations of diverse businesses.

Presently, recent accounting graduates embark on their careers with an annual earning of approximately $54,000, as reported by PayScale. This starting salary underscores the potential for individuals in accounting to secure high-paying careers, marking the beginning of a financially rewarding professional journey in this crucial field.

13. Aeronautics

For you to fly safely, the intervention of aeronautical engineers is crucial. The job offer in this sector is present in both civil and military fields.

Perhaps it is not one of the easiest to study and graduate for various factors (economic or educational offerings). But it is one of the best-paid university careers today.

Newly graduated aeronautical engineers can earn about $76,000 a year. More experienced professionals can earn as much as $105,000 a year, according to Indeed.

14. Nursing

In the domain of healthcare, Nursing stands out as one of the best-paying careers globally.

The demand for nursing professionals extends beyond hospitals and clinics, reaching geriatric centers, daycare facilities, and private homes. Notably, in countries like Australia, the field of Ageing Support, focusing on the care of the elderly, emerges as one of the most sought-after and well-remunerated specializations, offering high-paying careers.

Recent nursing graduates, on average, commence their careers with an annual earning of $60,000. On the other end of the spectrum, nurse anesthesiologists with substantial experience can command annual salaries exceeding $110,000, according to Indeed.

These figures underscore the potential for individuals in Nursing to pursue not only the best-paying jobs but also establish themselves in high-paying careers, marking the field’s significance in the global healthcare landscape.

15. Interior Architecture

The field of design also ranks among the highest-paid university careers in the world. Although it is known that architecture demands a lot of energy and financial resources, this profession is more than satisfying.

Interior architects work on their own or for companies designing aesthetically appealing yet functional and safe spaces. They do this by applying knowledge of art theory (composition, color, space), geometry, and urban planning.

According to Indeed, the annual salary for interior architects is around $62,000.

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