How to Get a Job Abroad | Making Way for a Better Future

How to Get a Job Abroad | Making Way for a Better Future

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Working in a different country isn’t as easy as you think. Some would look for companies and send applications, while some would consider studying abroad. However, some ways could help on how to get a job abroad.

Working and studying at the same time is one of your options if you want to work abroad. It might be expensive, but the chance is higher, unlike finding a job right away. Also, it’ll launch your international career and open doors for new opportunities.

But either of the two gives opportunities for one’s personal growth and development. So, in this blog, we will share some tips on how to get a job abroad. If you want to know further, keep on reading!

Tips on How to Get a Job Abroad | Applying after Graduation


Finding a job after graduation is one of the many struggles of today’s generation. As the competition keeps soaring, so are the standards and qualifications of a job. Thus, your experience while studying has a significant impact on your career path.

International students can work part-time depending on the kind of course they take. This opportunity will not only help them with their bills but also in building their network. Hence, they can sustain their expenses, prepare for their future full-time job, and make friends.

So, let’s help you land your first job abroad with some tips. You might have your ways, but maybe you could add these to your list:

Choose your ideal destination | Where do you want to work?

This question applies to anyone who wishes to work abroad. Whether you’re an international student or a professional, you should ask yourself where you want to work. Also, you have to think if you can survive and thrive in a new country.

First, consider the dominant language used in that place. Will you be having difficulty in communicating with other people? If yes, maybe it’s not the perfect destination for you.

On top of this, study and learn its economic condition. Are there job offerings for non-native individuals? Remember that you chose that country to work in and not to visit.

To help you with this question, let’s share with you some of the top countries to work abroad:


Find a position where your qualifications meet | What are your qualities?

There are some countries where job mismatch is common. And this is one of the reasons why many people would work abroad instead. It’s because most places abroad would stick to the requirements in hiring an employee.

So, one of the best tips on how to get a job abroad is to find a position where you’re qualified. Do you possess all the requirements mentioned in the application? If not, then find another job position.

On the other hand, if you have all the qualities, ask yourself first if you can do the job. If you want to succeed in getting a job abroad, you need to let the employers see your capabilities. Thus, enhancing your skills will be of great importance.

Here’s a list of five soft skills that will help you work abroad:

  • language skills
  • independence and adaptability
  • communication skills
  • organized
  • leadership skills

Tap the network you build | How to make connections?

Building a network is essential in landing a job abroad. And one way of doing this is through socializing and making friends. Also, your former school or employer could help you with this,

If you study and work abroad, you shouldn’t limit yourself from exploring things beyond your comfort zone. For instance, go out with your colleagues or classmates even if you don’t know them that much yet. You have to make efforts in creating relationships for you to expand your network.

Aside from saying yes to invites, try to invite them too. Perhaps you can prepare a small party with them. Not only that you’ll get a higher chance of finding a job abroad, but you’ll also have fun.

Send applications with a good resume | How to sell yourself?

Keep in mind that other qualified applicants also want to get a job abroad. So the question you should consider is, “how will you sell yourself to the employer?” Well, one is through a good resume, and two is acing an interview.

Some people are more experienced than others, but they don’t have enough skills for the job. Some also don’t have a degree, but they excel in communicating effectively. So your leverage in getting a job abroad is how you utilize your qualities.

Now, we have here some tips on how to write a good resume:

  • keep it clear and concise and limit it to two pages
  • tailor your resume to suit the position you are applying for
  • highlight what you have accomplished
  • quantify your achievements
  • use simple words and action verbs

Go through the visa process and work permit | What are the things you need?

Now that you found your dream job abroad, the next thing you need to do is to process your visa and work permit. This part is more risky and expensive. And there’s no assurance that you can get one successfully, so prepare yourself for rejection.

You must be aware of every part of the visa process. Thus, you can search online for the correct forms to fill up. To avoid forgetting necessary appointments or requirements, write all you need in a notebook or planner.

Set plan B in case it won’t work | What’s your backup plan?


Indeed, nothing is certain in this world. There are cases where there’s already a job offer, but the problem could be with the visa. Or maybe your visa is already approved, but something came up with the company.

Regardless of the circumstances, you have to prepare yourself all the time. Expect failures but never give up. So, if you badly want to work abroad, make plan B.

You don’t just wait for a miracle to exist; you make it happen. And just because one door closes, there’s nothing left for you. So, instead of getting emotional, think of what you should do next.

Never give up until you make it | How far should you go?

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” ~ Vince Lombardi

This quote explains more already. However, we want to remind you that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You might get rejected today, but tomorrow is a different day.

If you stop chasing your dreams, when will you get them? How far should you go to live and work abroad? The answer lies with you.

How to Get a Job Abroad with GrowPro Experience | We Got You


Working abroad is one of many dreams of some people. Perhaps, it’s because they can get a better future in a different country. Or maybe they want to experience an adventure they never tried while living abroad.

We do want to help people who want to work abroad. However, what we can do is to help them become an international student. But the good news is, our affiliated institutions offer programs where they can work part-time jobs.

In addition, you can find a full-time job after finishing a course. Your chance to work abroad is higher because of your experience and diploma or certifications. On top of this, the network you built during your studies is a plus factor.

Now you might ask, “why should you trust us?”. Well, our company may be new, but we can guarantee that you’re in safe hands. Also, we’ll do our best to help you reach your dream destination and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

To give you a good start, you can check this most requested experience we have for your reference. You can complete the form and wait for a call for further assistance. We’ll also give tips on finding the best accommodation, transportation options, and more.

We live with our mission to help international students like you to study abroad. Set aside your doubts and worries, for we will be with you every step of the way. So, choose GrowPro now because we got you!

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