Make Friends in a New City | Moving to your Dream Destination

Make Friends in a New City | Moving to your Dream Destination

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Studying abroad is an exciting thing to do for most grownups. It’s not just about acing a course or program, but more about discovering an unfamiliar place. Moreover, it’ll be more fun if you make friends in a new city.

The high-quality education you can get in one of the best countries to study abroad is a great motivation. But regardless of how eager you are to grow and develop, your emotions could lose that drive. Thus, you have to make friends in a new city to lessen homesickness.

Now the question that might pop in your head is, how can you make new friends? Well, there are a lot of ways to do this. Some may come naturally, while some happen out from tips.

In this guide, we’ll share some tips on how you can make friends in a new city. You may apply or use these ideas in creating your style. So, don’t just leave yet on this page if you wish to know further.

Ways on How to Make Friends in a New City | Meeting People Abroad

Meeting new people could be easy if you’re the type who’s confident to start a conversation. However, some are too shy to say “hi” to their classmates or co-workers. And they’re fine living with it because they’re too afraid to try.

Well, life is more than just being silent on the corner. We all need people who could be our support system in a foreign place. So hold yourself together, go out, and meet new friends.

To help you with this matter, we’d be happy to give you tips on how to make friends in a new city:

Connect with Friends of your Friends and Hang Out with Them

Being a stranger in an unknown place could be intimidating. But know that there are also some out there who are just like you. As much as you want to stay in your comfort zone, you have to explore meeting new people.

If you have a friend or neighbor who has friends, don’t be shy to meet them. A simple wave or smile at first could be a good starting gesture. The next time you know, you’ve built an unexpected friendship already.

Use Mobile Apps to Make Friends in a New City


With the increased use of technology today, meeting new people online is no longer surprising. Because of the pandemic, education has shifted to online classes. Hence, this system offers a higher chance of interacting with different people and knowing them better.

Moreover, there are many mobile apps that the youth can use these days to socialize. Some use them for pastimes, while others look for people to make new friends. However, always be cautious and never trust quickly without knowing them well.

So, here are some apps that you can use to meet new friends when you work and study abroad:

  • FluentU
  • EatWith
  • Backpackr
  • Tinder
  • Couchsurfing

Have Quality Time with your Classmates or Co-workers

One of the best ways to make friends in a new city is being sociable. If you’re a student at a university, don’t be shy to talk to your classmates and hang out with them. Also, if you’re working part-time, you can have a quick lunch with your co-workers.

The thing is, you shouldn’t limit the things that you do when you study abroad. Yes, you have to focus on your studies and keep your eyes on the goal. But, life is too short to close your doors in meeting new people.

So, here are some fun things that you can do with your classmates or co-workers:

  • sing karaoke after work or class
  • watch a professional game
  • volunteer in community service
  • spend time outdoors
  • attend local events

Invite your Neighbors for a Housewarming Party


Moving to a new city can make you feel unease thinking that you don’t know anyone from the neighborhood. So, one way to solve this issue is to make friends with them. You can say “hi” or even invite them for a small get-together.

In addition, have this as an opportunity to know them personally. Who knows, there’s someone from them whom you can build an unexpected friendship with or maybe none. What matters is you have a good relationship with your neighbors.

Get a Dog or Cat to Walk Around the City

It does take time to make friends in a new city after moving in. Perhaps, you could still be busy cleaning and setting things up. Hence, you could start this journey by getting a pet like a dog or a cat.

Of course, when you have a pet with you, you would take it for a walk. Thus, you could meet other pet owners doing the same thing you do. It could be a start of an unexpected friendship after getting a hi, smile, or even a chat.

Sign Up for Art Classes


If you want to sulk yourself with activities to deal with your emotions, art classes are great for you. Indeed, moving to a different place could be lonely. And more than meeting new people, you just want to let go of that feeling.

But eventually, you can get used to the feeling of waking up every day by yourself. And you’ll learn to accept that this is how things work for mature people. That’s when you start realizing that part of this life is to go out and make friends.

Buy yourself a Bicycle and Discover Places and Meet New People

Biking has significant benefits like reducing the risk of stroke and heart diseases by 50%. Indeed, it’s one of the best exercises for a healthier condition. On top of this, you can get to meet new people along the way.

Owning a bicycle could be fun, especially when you live in a bicycle-friendly place. You can ask some of your classmates or co-workers who love cycling so you can bond together. Through this, you can connect deeper and create bond.

Now here are some of the cities from different countries that are bike-friendly:

Visit Local Attractions or National Parks


If you live abroad to study, of course, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit its attractions. You deserve to enjoy your journey abroad despite your hectic schedule. Nonetheless, this could be an opportunity for you to meet new friends.

Spending time at public places gives a higher chance of interacting with other people. Thus, you can make friends while sightseeing or capturing the beautiful sceneries. In no doubt, people who are new in town will do the same as you.

Join a Gym or Yoga Studio

Meeting new people is easy but building friendship takes a lot of work. One thing that could influence one’s relationship is similarity. So when you’re a fitness enthusiast, going to the gym is a perfect choice.

You can make friends with the people you often see at the gym or yoga studio. It’ll be great if you invite them after working out for a drink perhaps. Thus, you can easily connect with them because of what you have in common.

Participate in a Non-profit/Charity Volunteer


Volunteering for a cause is something you could be proud of doing. It’s like the least you can do to help other people, but the feeling is rewarding. On top of this, the unexpected friendship you get is priceless.

You can bring your classmates or workmates with you for fun. Or maybe you can ask any of them who knows a charity you can volunteer with. This simple gesture can be a way for you to make friends in a new city.

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Make Friends in a New City with GrowPro | We Got You


Studying abroad could be challenging, especially if you don’t know how you can make friends in a new city. The guide we shared above could help you discover people you could be friends with forever. Thus, you can get out of your comfort zones now and explore beyond your horizon.

Here at GrowPro, we don’t just offer services to help people like you study abroad. We also give the best experience once you reach your dream destination. Moreover, you can engage with other Growers whom you could make friends with during your stay or more.

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We live with our mission to help international students to study abroad. Set aside your fears and worries, for we will be with you every step of the way. So, choose GrowPro now because we got you!

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