Reasons to Study in Melbourne | Consider Australia’s Garden City

Reasons to Study in Melbourne | Consider Australia’s Garden City

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, is the most populous city in Australia. However, it offers world-class study options, services, and various things to do. And these are some of the reasons to study in Melbourne.

In addition, Melbourne has the highest score for stability, healthcare, infrastructure, and more. As a result, it earned the title “world’s most livable city.” So when you study in Melbourne, you’ll be living in a safe and vibrant city.

In this blog, we’ll share with you our seven reasons to study in Melbourne. You’ll, for sure, fall in love with the city in an instant. So, if you’re interested to know further, keep on reading!

7 Reasons to Study in Melbourne | What Makes the City an Ideal Location for International

One of the best cities to study in Australia is Melbourne. You can experience cultural diversity and a comfortable lifestyle in the city. Thus, you would enjoy what Melbourne has to offer.

From its beautiful sceneries and forms of entertainment, you can never go wrong in choosing this place. On top of this, Melbourne is very welcoming to foreign people. It’s no wonder why there are more than 200,000 international students in the city every year.

Moreover, Melbourne is one of the safest cities to live in Australia. With its low crime rates, many foreign visitors would want to extend their stay in the city. So, if you’re still in doubt of this destination, we would be glad to give you more!

Now here are the seven reasons to study in Melbourne:


Voted as the most livable city in the world

As we mentioned above, Melbourne is known as the most livable city. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Livability Index awarded this title for seven years running. However, it drops to the 8th spot after being hit by the pandemic.

Nonetheless, the beauty of Melbourne continues to captivate visitors around the world. Because of its safe environment, people are eager to experience and explore the city. As a result, immigrants and international students still find it a perfect destination to live and study.

Home to outstanding universities

When you decide to study abroad, you consider choosing the best countries. Of course, apart from getting a good education, you want to come across the country’s sceneries. Well, we all do have dream destinations, don’t we?

On top of this, you would want to look for the best universities available. And this is why Melbourne is a perfect destination for international students. Because more than offering quality education, the students can gain valuable experiences.

For you your reference, here are some of the renowned universities in Melbourne:

  • University of Melbourne
  • Monash University
  • La Trobe University
  • RMIT University
  • Victoria University

Offers vast employment opportunities

The city of Melbourne indeed has so much to offer to international students. It’s not only quality education that awaits you but also employment opportunities. Imagine getting a full-time job after graduation; it’s a total package to study in Melbourne.

Melbourne is the business hub of Victoria, and many companies would invest in the city. As a result, more job offers will be available for everyone, including the international student graduates. In no doubt, it’s advantageous if you study in Melbourne.

So if you’re wondering what jobs you can apply for after graduating from Melbourne, we have a list for you. Here are some of the city’s recent growth industries:

  • education
  • engineering
  • healthcare
  • science and technology
  • construction

Outstanding arts, culture, and diversity

Now you might ask, what makes this one of the reasons to study in Melbourne? Well, we believe that quality education doesn’t only limit to the walls of universities. You have to explore beyond books for you to learn life.

A country’s arts and culture speak of itself, and that’s how you can understand the way it is. Moreover, diversity plays a vital role in attaining a united society. Having unity is needed to make a community a successful one.

In the case of Melbourne, they respect people of different races. As a result, their tourism grows as well as their economy. Hence, it’s important to have an idea about Australia’s customs and traditions.

The sporting capital of Australia

Melbourne is the ideal place for people who like sports or recreational activities. There are many things you can experience if you study in Melbourne. And most of these will surely give you the best memories.

Nothing beats heading to the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch a game. What makes it more exciting is the chance for you to make friends in the new city. Do not forget that building connections could help you land a job in the future.

Now we give you a list of the international sporting events to look forward to in Melbourne:

  • Spring Racing Carnival
  • Boxing Day test cricket series
  • Grand Prix
  • Australian Open Tennis Championships

Serves the best food in the country

As they say, you won’t have a complete travel experience without trying the best food in town. It’s like you’re missing a big part of your journey if you won’t taste some delicious delicacies. Well, perhaps it’s true that food reminds us of great memories.

If you study in Melbourne, you’ll get to try exceptional food. Whether you buy it from a food truck or a high-end restaurant, you’ll always end up with satisfaction. However, your problem would be more on the decision as to where you’ll eat.

Now let’s try to have a quick trip to Melbourne and get familiar with their food:

  • Fish dumplings at ShanDong Mama (fish Mackerel fillet mixed with coriander, ginger, and chives, wrapped in very thin dumpling)
  • Vegemite curry buttermilk roti at Sunda (a combination of buttery roti and savory curry sauce with a Vegemite-umami backbone)
  • Crispy eggplant at Lee Ho Fook (crisp eggplant in sticky soy and red vinegar sauce, with fried garlic and peppercorns)

Excellent support for international students

Universities in Melbourne aren’t only a place to learn, but it’s also a dome to build connections. A big part of the experience of international students comes from social events and gatherings. Hence, they create more activities for a fun and exciting environment.

Aside from the support to help the students adjust, they also extend aid financially. Not everyone can send themselves to study in Melbourne, so the city offers scholarships to make their dreams possible. Also, you can work and study at the same time to help you cover your expenses.

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Reasons to Study in Melbourne With GrowPro | We Got You


Get the most of your experience and study in Melbourne. We shared some points why it’s a perfect destination for international students. Yet, there are still more for you to discover, and the best way to know them is by surprise.

Studying abroad might be a big step to take, but it’s worth it! Here at Growpro, we wish nothing but to help you attain a transformative experience of a lifetime. We also want you to enjoy as you chase your dreams in one of the best countries to study!

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Here at GrowPro, our mission is to help students like you have an unforgettable experience. We’ll be with you every step of the way to reaching your dream destination. So, plan your trip and study in Melbourne with GrowPro because we got you!

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