Best Countries to Study in Europe | Finding the Perfect Destination

Best Countries to Study in Europe | Finding the Perfect Destination

Charlotte Koks
Charlotte Koks

Europe is one of the most exciting destinations to live abroad. Various places on the continent offer excellent opportunities for work, education, and more. Hence, there are many choices for the best countries to study in Europe.

The reputation of Europe as a hub of academic excellence attracts international students. Also, its cost of education is lower than in other destinations abroad. Thereby, more students enroll in the global-accredited universities in Europe.

However, it’s hard to decide which country or city is ideal for you. So, we’ll try to help by giving the best countries to study in Europe. If you wish to know further, keep scrolling down.

Top 10 Best Countries to Study in Europe | Your Destination of Hope


Europe has a lot of beautiful places to the best places to travel for international students. And the good news is, most of them are budget-friendly and offer exciting things to do. Hence, you will get amazed as you see the best destinations in Europe.

On top of this, each country in the continent has its beauty in many ways. And this includes its culture, sceneries, cuisine, and more. So, your new journey won’t end by studying in Europe alone.

Now, here are the top 10 best countries to study in Europe. The basis of the rankings are from the following factors:

  • experience a new culture
  • achieve career goals
  • have an adventure
  • make new friends/widen the professional network
  • access higher-quality teaching
  • study for free
  • attain a visa

Austria | The Alpine Dollar


One of the best countries to study in Europe is Austria. It may be pretty small, but it has a massive impact globally. It’s due to the revolutionary works of Sigmund Freud and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Austria is home to stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and some of the best universities. Also, it has zero tuition fees and provides financial support. Hence, it’s no surprise why international students look for academic adventure in Austria.

Germany | The Land of Ideas

Germany is another destination of the best countries to study in Europe. Its public universities offer free tuition fees, even for international students. However, you will have to pay the admission fee every semester.

The country is home to some top institutions like the Technical University of Munich. Aside from quality education, living in Germany offers vast opportunities. It includes learning its history and traveling to other best destinations in Europe.

Ireland | The Emerald Isle


Universities in Ireland have a thriving learning environment and high-standard education. As one of the best destinations in Europe, it provides different programs. Hence, students develop essential skills from the experiences they gain.

Its education system focuses on personal initiative and independent thinking. Hence, you can gain different experiences and skills for your future career. Moreover, there are several best places to work in Ireland after graduation.

Greece | The Cradle of Western Civilization

Greece is a beautiful touristic destination with exciting things to enjoy. Its climate, historical sites, and lovely beaches are something to look forward to in the country. However, the most interesting in Greece is its affordable cost of living.

Moreover, its outstanding universities are promising. With its qualified and well-engaged teacher workforce, you can gain valuable experience in your journey. Thus, you can never go wrong in choosing Greece if you study in Europe.

Sweden | The Land of the Midnight Sun


Sweden ranks among the top countries for equality in the world. Also, its higher education has a good reputation globally. With its emphasis on individual learning and personal liberty, it became one of the best destinations in Europe.

In addition, Sweden has a well-developed health care system and free education. Its prominent universities offer the best programs for international students. And students have the chance to grow to their full potential.

France | The Most Romantic Country

Another list of the best countries to study in Europe is France. According to students reporting, France offers a great multicultural study experience. Also, they appreciate the beautiful, vibrant cities and the social life in the country.

France and its people are known for their fine cuisine, fashion, and art. However, the most attractive thing for international students is the low tuition costs and high-quality education. Indeed, France is a perfect place to study in Europe.

Switzerland | The Playground of Europe


There are many practical benefits if you move to Switzerland. It has a low crime rate, one of the cleanest countries with excellent public transportation. On top of this, it has a world-class health care system and high standards in education.

With its top universities, it also offers opportunities for one’s growth and development. Among these are scholarship grants and the chance to work while studying in Europe. Thus, experiencing abroad is possible for international students.

The United Kingdom | The Land of Angles

Many people would seek to study English and work in the UK for several reasons. First, it’s home to an abundance of world-recognized universities. Also, living in the UK is a doorway to the rest of Europe to experience its vast wonders.

However, the UK alone has a lot of surprising things to offer. With its rich historical and cultural heritage, there’s so much you can discover in the country. Hence, it wouldn’t be one of the best countries to study in Europe for nothing.

The Netherlands | The Low Country


The Netherlands has a good impression of teaching quality and career goals. It has many universities that offer diverse programs for international students. And its education system focuses on an interactive and student-centered style.

In addition to quality education is the chance to work after graduation. The Dutch government sets to retain international talents with an option to apply for a residence permit. Indeed, it’s a perfect choice to help you build a professional career.

Spain | The Land of Flamenco and Fiesta

Spain is an excellent educational destination due to the variety of high-quality options. It has many prestigious universities with low cost of tuition fees. And this is why it’s one of the best countries to study in Europe for international students.

Moreover, studying in Spain gives you a chance to learn the second most commonly spoken language. It’s perfect for enhancing career prospects after university. While preparing for your future, you can enjoy the wonders of Spain.

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